Miss rose drama ending relationship

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miss rose drama ending relationship

Miss Rose (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Eight characters; four relationships; two outcomes; and one result. CHENG,WEI- YEN 1h 29min | Drama | TV Movie March · The End of Love Miss Rose. I don't know if I said this before but this drama can really be described by one look between the main The plot moves along at a snails pace. He's truly starting to overstep the work relationship boundary in this episode.

After she leaves to get some water, Vivian looks at all the pills. Later that night, Cheng Kuan sits at home looking at pictures of Si Yi taken at the orphanage today and smiles to himself. Sheng Jun catches him and wonders if Cheng Kuan secretly looks at pictures of Si Yi many times a day, to which Cheng Kuan nods his head. Sheng Jun asks if Cheng Kuan is going to work tomorrow?

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Si Yi is giggling into the mirror and Xiao Ke teases her for being all out-of-it after being kissed by Cheng Kuan. Xiao Ke should give Sheng Jun a chance. Cheng Kuan is trying to send Si Yi a good night text message but he keeps retyping it.

Vivian arrives outside his house and leaves a package outside his door with a late night snack and his favorite race car driving DVD. She sends him a text about the care package and tells him to enjoy before leaving. Si Yi is at work and runs into Yi Chun in the hallway. He greets her and asks for her help going forward at work.

The GM looks pissed while Si Yi welcomes him back and everyone claps. Cheng Kuan lets it go. Yi Chun delivers a presentation on the new LED product he has developed which is a wand that helps reduce wrinkles. He hilariously tells Ting Ai that it would be perfect for her. The team is discussing how to market this product when Vivian arrives and announces that she can be the model for this new product.

Neither Si Yi nor Cheng Kuan look terribly happy about this. Vivian and Cheng Kuan head to his office to discuss this and she claims to be doing this for the company and because she still cares about Cheng Kuan. She asks if he liked the late night snack and the DVD.

Vivian asks that he not treat her like a stranger. Even if their engagement is cancelled, she still wants to spend time with him in a different way. A relationship cannot be forced. She wants to show him that people can change.

miss rose drama ending relationship

Sheng Jun sits down across from her and drops a tower of files to block her view. Vivian asks if its a good idea for her to be the spokesperson for the new LED wand.

Sheng Jun goes to deliver files to Cheng Kuan and bumps into Vivian outside his door. Sheng Jun freaks out and starts to apologize when Vivian smiles and tells him not to worry since it was her fault.

Sheng Jun asks Cheng Kuan if Vivian really just apologized to him? Ting Ai helps Vivian get ready for a photo shoot for the new product. The team head to a supply store to check out their LED product displays.

In front of a display case, Cheng Kuan stops Si Yi and gets really close to reach out and pluck a stray hair from her eyelashes. He puts it on her hand and reminds her with a smile to make a wish. Si Yi makes a wish and right when she is about to blow on it Yi Chun walks over asking for her assistance.

Si Yi looks at the display but Yi Chun just looks at her.

miss rose drama ending relationship

No wonder Cheng Kuan is so out of it lately. Xiao Ke arrives bearing drinks and Sheng Jun hurries over to help her like an eager puppy. Si Yi and Cheng Kuan are happy to see them getting closer. The team, along with Xiao Ke, sit down to have a drink break. Suddenly Vivian and Ting Ai show up bearing drinks for the team as well. Xiao Ke whispers to Si Yi to not act like a serving girl anytime Vivian shows up. Vivian offers to take everyone out to a fancy steak house for dinner.

He prods Sheng Jun and he also tells her to come. Xiao Ke looks Ting Ai and says she has no appetite. As everyone is leaving, Xiao Ke wonders why Vivian is so nice today. Something fishy must be going on? Vivian toasts everyone during dinner. After Si Yi takes a drink, Cheng Kuan leans over and asks if she likes her wine. He smiles when she says its very good. Ting Ai hears this and makes a sultry face towards Sheng Jun.

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During dinner, Vivian makes it clear that she knows how Cheng Kuan likes his steak, indicating how close she is with him. Si Yi is uncomfortable and unsure of what to order, so Yi Chun steps in and orders her favorite meal for her.

A reporter happens to be dining there and asks Cheng Kuan and Vivian to pose for a picture. The plot moves along at a snails pace. Nothing surprising or unexpected. In fact, I feel like I can predict what happens. Every time he looks at Si Yi, I melt a little.

miss rose drama ending relationship

His attraction to Si Yi is starting to build. Chen Kuan tells her she needs to come to a fundraising event to meet Yi Zun in order to convince him to work at Guang Chang. Si Yi and Yi Zun basically had the cutest love story ever, until he conveniently breaks her heart when she ends up at his engagement announcement to another girl she thought she was just going to a party. Cut to 5 years 6 months and 4 days later yes, Si Yi has been literally counting the days Yi Zun is back to haunt her.

This relationship was what broke her heart and made her the old maid she is today. Si Yi initially fakes period cramps to get out of the the fundraising event. Chen Kuan tells her she needs to overcome this challenge, and that he will be with her the whole time. Cue the usual makeover scene.

Don’t even think about starting university in a relationship

However, personally I think this is by far the worst makeover I have ever seen in drama land period. They give Si Yi just about the most matronly hairstyle ever so that she looks about 10 years older than she actually is. Then they put her in a wrinkly silver dress that looks like someone tried to tie a bow to the shoulder but failed miserable.

miss rose drama ending relationship

I hate to say this, but this drama has super crappy stylists.