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Good Question since the word Imago sounds like it could be anything from a trendy new Buckhead restaurant to the latest dance craze! Imago Relationship. When it comes to branding, our strategy involves a brand audit marked by consumer building relationships and reinforcing each brand´s personality within the. Using these three steps might just lead to a better customer service experience and save a client relationship.

We feel alive, whole, connected to the world and the people in it. Then, before we know it, that magical feeling disappears. Disillusioned, our dreams shattered, we begin to feel angry and betrayed. We try to coerce our partner into giving us what we want. We criticize, we withdraw, we shame, we intimidate, we cry. We may go looking for another person who can make us feel alive again.

Some of us go on locked in this painful struggle for years until we either break up or seek help, desperate to regain the magic we once had. You don't have to live this way. IRT provides all the tools necessary for transforming relationships, including some important, immediate relief. But you have to become conscious and intentional. Very little can happen unless you are willing to develop these qualities. Conflict is actually growth trying to happen.

You may be asking yourself, "What? How can conflict in any way be a good thing? By trying to understand and cooperating with these conflicts, a much different outcome can be achieved. By resolving our problems through a process called the Imago Dialogue, the emotional bond initially created by romantic love can evolve into the powerful bond that is real love.

So Why Imago Relationship Therapy? The Imago method teaches a series of simple skills It's Brief Couples can learn the basics in as few as 12 sessions It's Logical Helps couples understand the unconscious forces of attraction Imago Therapy creates a space for healing and growth that can lead to the relationship of your dreams.

This workshop is ideal for couples who are looking to put the spark back into their relationship and build a positive future together.

  • Healing and Repair through connection and dialogue.
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The group setting is only for teaching theory and demonstrating tools. Privacy and confidentiality is respected and you will not be expected to share any personal issues with the group. You will have time to work alone and with your partner. Couples considering divorce or trying to overcome an affair can greatly benefit from this workshop, as they receive the skills and tools needed to restore their love and commitment with one another.

You want to enrich an existing good relationship You are starting a new relationship and want it to last You are tired of being in an unsatisfactory relationship and want to learn to acquire the love you want Your relationship is on the rocks and you need to make a decision about it You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve intense conflict When couples arrive at the consulting rooms of Imago therapists, they are often disappointed, angry, shocked and sad.

They are in despair because they cannot understand how they have plummeted from the heights of love and glory into a swamp of hopelessness and conflict.

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Others have been married for many years and, though they have been slogging along - in calm and storm - their days of wine and roses are a dim memory. Even if life at home is relatively peaceful, couples state that they have nothing in common anymore.

The result is often that couples lead a disappointed or resentful co-existence, each with their own interests. The product then becomes a marriage of convenience or an arrangement they endure, "for the sake of the children". Shattered dreams, whatever form they take, are painful, but there is hope because this process is part of the healthy development of every relationship.

The romantic phase naturally ends and is followed by conflict and a power struggle. The key to healing lies in this awareness.

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What we have to understand is that conflict is supposed to happen. Conflict has to be understood as a given, a sign that the psyche is trying to survive; trying to restore what went wrong, to get its needs met and become whole.

It is only without this knowledge that conflict is destructive. Society has institutionalised permission for divorce. It is not always necessary to leave an unhappy marriage to grow and to heal.

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Divorce often gets rid of the partner, but we keep the problem and carry it into the next relationship. What you have experienced during the romantic phase of your relationship is an indication of the potential of what your relationship can be like. What is really happening when we fall in - and out - of love?

What is really going on when couples fight?

Imago Relationship Therapy

To gain insight into the hidden agenda of a relationship, we have to look at the complex process of human growth and development. We all begin life in a state of relaxed and joyful bliss, with a feeling of connectedness. To remain attached, our caretakers have to be attuned to our wants and needs, always ready and able to provide warmth and safety.

Then our feelings of aliveness and well-being are sustained and we remain whole.