Niflheim orlando mystical ending relationship

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niflheim orlando mystical ending relationship

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A series of hardly mutually separatable extraordinary experiences from a very different kind are reported from all civilizations. Partly these are religious appearances or prophetic visions, often they are personal experiences with an ever characteristic background.

The question for the reality of the respective experience has to be asked of course from new on in any of the cases. Experiences evoked or supported by drugs have also to be seen in that sense. Out of the fullness of the various, often unique experiences only those should be regarded here with interests, that could be related to the - universally occurring - near-death experience.

Deathbed-visions for example that are at least thematic akin to the NDE have a long history, spanning over many civilizations. Eventual impacts of paranormal experiences will be discussed in chapter II. As it was shown above, a causal relationship has not been found. However if one could be found, it may not be regarded without further ado as exclusive for NDEs. A distinction regarding the occurrance of single elements will also be voluntary; so will the demand for a minimum number on elements, a specific element or a special sequence of elements.

As a result of those difficulties some researchers have proposed to talk generally about paranormal experiences or extrasensory perception instead of separating NDEs against other experiences. Others have tried to temporary leave aside certain types of experiences oder distinguish between different degrees and dephts of NDEs and underline "anomalies" separately.

Problems and Course of Near-Death Research 5. Research and Researcher Near-death experiences clearly stand out against daily life regarding their content. From there many experiencers hesitate to share their event with others because they fear to be discriminated as hallucinating.

Because of sceptic medical staff alone a great number of reports became unknown; the fear, to be declared as crazy in the end has prohibited interviewable persons for a long time from near-death research. While hospital staff in the U. One reason for this restraint may be the fact that near-death experiences are often named in certain publication together with UFOs, Bermuda-triangle or socalled "extrasensory phenomenons" in one.

The affinity to light reding created hereby has been additionally neared by film productions like Ghost or Flatliners.

Raymond Moody, who is seen as the pioneer of near-death research because through his early publications is meanwhile working on activities outside this profession. His efforts to enable the contact with deceased persons with the help of mirrors als catalysators have already led to criticism. The most known reasearcher in the near-death area next to Moody, Kenneth Ring has revealed himself with his own New-Age-comments: It seems as if after some dedication to NDEs esoteric thoughts get their influence on their own.

The fact, that a number of researchers is able to separate between their personal interpretations and well-founded workhas well prohibited the near-death research from drifting downwards to esoteric circles. One of the openly appearing contradictions is the teamwork of religious fanatics and materialistic oriented scientists in the only effort to present the NDE as an experience without an objective basis. With such a background one should not wonder about the fact that even in NDE literature or in the media false claims have been made to favour of a certain position or because of negligence - yet from the beginning.

The kind and methods of near-death research alone are showing a religios or ideological dimension. Problems of Representative Questioning The number of persons claiming to have had an NDE are said to be about eight and thirteen million in the U.

And obviosly not all experiencers are remembering their experience immediately: Every fifth is recalling the event not until days, weeks or even months. While some of them are frankly talking about their experience, and some have even published it, others are only ready for anonymous reports. Within the time passed, some grave mistakes could be shown: After 25 years of research efforts to gain representative figures have had only slight success.

On the one hand, the experiences to be found are very different and their contents could hardly be put into a causal relationship with neurophysiological correlatives.

Only a part of the experiences described with that term really takes place near death so that the expression has become invalid in content. Ring on his behalf tried to protect the wide ranging NDE-term from further undermining by proposing to replace that current collective noun by the term "spiritual transformation experiences" and use the expression NDE again in a more exclusive way.

The "clean separation" between NDEs and other experiences Ring demanded has not taken place so far. Also other proposals for terminological, i.

The reason for this might be that the NDE term has reached a vage however barely better differentiatable meaning within the obscure tangle of paranormal and similar experiences. In this context the often missing real nearness to biological death seems to be a relatively small, because well-known evil.

The Mutual Influence of Religion and Near-Death Experience Near-death experiences and religions have a series in common regarding their content and subjects: The question of an eventual mutual influence becomes more meaningful once it is assumed that NDEs and similar appearances are a steadily companion of mankind.

After that different religions and civilizations will be tested for possible occurrances of NDEs, asking for possible influences. The way NDEs might have formed religious developement is shown in the forth section.

Religious Background at NDEs Lots of reports contain elements, that are similar to conceptions of the herafter within a belief system or to other kinds of religious content: While the latter one allows a concious adjustment of the event into the current system of belief and values, the contents of the experience itself seem to be more interesting: The experiencer has no active influence on it. However, to seperate afterwards is barelly impossible: The following reports mainly have a descriptive function.

They give some insight into what is reported from an NDE and clearly show the differences between the single experiences; a judgement of the following material will come up later. Accelerating Death and the Leaving of the Body The painful awareness of a dangerous situation or the supposed end could already show religious moments: I asked God to bring me healing - instantly I felt a surge of energy throughout my body Sometimes they could be brought into association with religious figures and appearances: Come and take me with you.

I still know how strange I found that, because I expected to meet the most different beings. Transitional Stages Most descriptions of a transitional name a tunnel, fog or even a door as the medium.

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It was the most brilliant light I had ever seen. For a brief moment I fixed on a tiny light in the distance. I seemed to be hurtling through the universe! There was tremendous sound, too. It was as if all the great orchestras in the world were playing at once; no special melody, and very loud, powerful but somehow soothing.

Casebolt reports his impressions in a narrative perspective, where he uses the name Gary for himself: It roared as it formed a tunnel, pulling him towards its center.

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The sound resembled that of a jet engine when you stand next to it. Gary felt great fear, maybe terror. Just as I was about to cross the river, a black octopus rose out of the black water in front of me. Our dialogue now ran faster and faster and the number of octopuses increased geometrically The last thing I remeber was my accelerating toward the horizon and annihilation.

I could hear sounds in the darkness. It sounded like a hospital emergency room. People were in distress there and there was thick fog. I could hear crying and rushing around, I knew that if the people would only look up to the light they would be lifted out of the fog, but they were to stubborn.

They would not do that. I have wondered since then, if perhaps that was Hell. It could be connected with pleasant visual and acoustical impressions and look like an anticipation of paradise-like regions. The opposite could take place as well: Appointments with Persons and Other Beings A great number of experiencers reports an appointment with other persons or beings. Mostly these are deceased relatives: Especially these were the friend This greeting by the figures was very overwhelming, basically it was an ocean of love.

I was not allowed to see past the light, only her hair and face. I looked to my left and was surprised to see my younger sister standing by a beautiful water fountain. I was so happy to see her as she was restored to such a beauty and youthfulness. I think God wanted to get my attention as my sister Margaret was wearing my most favorite pant suit, a Glen Plaid design.

The experience took place in already, during critical physiological conditions: The experiencer met his deceased son and announced his intention to give up his earthly life. He however sent him back to familiar life: When the time comes, I myself shall go to the side of the house to look for you.

Then you will come. They rather meet persons who they knew from her life so far: Friends and companions, teachers and authorities as well as people pursuing their daily jobs and interests.

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The social roles found there are generally in no way extraordinary; followers of the mormons however are more reporting about the hierarchical order that also marks their belief.

If I ever knew, I cannot remember now. They wore beautiful, light brown robes, and one of them had a hood on the back of his head. Each wore a gold-braided belt that was tied about the waist with the ends hanging down. A kind of glow emanated from them, but not unusaually bright, and then I realized that a soft glow came from my own body and that our lights had merged together around us. Perception of Self and Surroundings The perception of self and the environment are reported very differently, the similarity to earthly perception varies from case to case.

I can compare this body with [a] comet. I was located in what IS. I lack words to express reality I was pure light, nor white, nor yellow, nor black. It was as though I remained in a pure essential being without consideration of time, material goods, nor energy.

It was feeling beyond all this. I was aware of the directions left and right. I did see everything clearly. No substance - but [I] felt [it] looked the same. It is made of much finer matter which is not of this world. Often a paradise-like landscape is reported: I looked for a son or another source of light, because the garden was filled with light, but wherever I put my view I stood in light itself. I walked to a small house at the edge of the forest I saw a large, huge road paved with glistening sand that shined like diamonds.

This road was so wide, you could hardly see its end. I saw a gate and a long wall to the gate which seemed to be protected by six lion statues. I saw the most beautiful flowers you could imagine. The only building I saw was the shack at the edge of the forest that was like a library where you could go in and learn anything that was. I have been standing on the edge of a high cliff, far below there was a green valley The air was so clear, a beautiful blue sky, and a slight wisp of warm breeze Mountains, valleys, meadows, forests, beaches, ways and so on.

Fauna and flora can take it on any time: Plants and parks are reported in shimmering colors, the world of animals percieved reaches from butterflys and birds over already deceased pets to sheeps, cows and horses. Also manifold is the often mentioned archtecture: It includes concrete buildings - bridges, libraries, temples - that beat all earthly counterparts in its beauty; even whole cities have been reorted. Not all descritions are referring to concrete objects however: It was very silent there.

Mostly the whole experience is marked hereby, other elements often absent. Experiencer Vincent Luciani reports a "blackness", that is followed by pleasant feelings: There was no fear, only calm acceptance and an eager, almost childlike anticipation of the drama surely about to unfold. Christ let me see, and I recognized all thoughts of the humans who were in this hell: In this hell was no fire and no sulphur, as we were told, but it was much worse" Apart from socalled negative NDEs the majority of experiencers were very happy with their new environment, many named it home - independent from how concrete their respective perception have been: Being of Light and Emotional Situation The majority of experiencers reports an event that became known in literature as an encounter with a being of light.

In general, the encounter shows a clear impact to the emotional situation; not least because of this we could regard it as the central moment of the near-death experience. Dorothea Rau-Lembke percieved "a very mild and bright light, but not a brightness that dazzles".

One could completely hand herself over to that light, I could turn away from all that was before withou loosing anything, and it meant the lifting of all contradictions for me, in the end a very deep happiness, mixed with joy. The light radiated an extreme feeling of love, it was overwhelming. I could tell I had been there before and was so happy to be going home. The knowledge of light knew me totally. The communication was simultaneous and sharing.

There was a definate sensation of universal love, of most wonderful and powerful nature, unlike anything I have since felt. I felt both fear and love I did feel the presence. There was no need to defend myself, hide anything, explain anything or be something that I was not. My relationship was that I was accepted just as I was and that I could still be me. I really mean Jesus Christ! There was neither the wish nor the necessity to worship to him or to fall on my knees" In a similar way Betty Eadie writes: I knew that he was my Savior, and friend, and God.

He was Jesus Christ, who had always loved me I saw the face of Christ bathed in radiant sunlight and He was smiling at me. His eyes poured love, glorious powerful love, into my being. I saw an even more glorious person, a being there, sitting up on a platform in a chair or throne. This precious, beautiful man radiated glory - with a wonderful flowing white beard, a fantastic smile and glorious, loving eyes. Father God himself, he was looking into my eyes, waving with his right hand to come.

God was a being of light. There is no religion there. Just purity and light.

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The face had all human features such as eyes, ears and a nose but no hair I knew that the face was masculine in gender and represented great authority. Biblical in appearance, earth-age perhaps mid-fifty, his presence was magnificient: So the examination of indian near-death experiences brought up mainly religious figures while from China encounters with a messenger then ordering return were reported.

Life Perspective und Special Perceptions While the ecounter with other persons and beings, the perception of even unusual environment as well as the emotional condition have all together at least a certain counterpart in daily life, at other kinds of perceptions an equivalent is mostly limited to active imagination or dreams.

An often described event is the life perspective: Then I started to see the history of my life go by. It was like watching a movie without the projector and screen. After this I died. Impressions flash through my consciousness.

The scenes concerned are getting a moral judgement that often includes feelings of fellow human beings affected hereby: I was able to see what in my actions was good and what was bad. I also experienced the effects of my acts for air, earth, water and plants. I saw how once when I took something which was not mine, how it had a negative impact on someone else. I was only a child when it happened, and still was shown this to teach me.

I experienced their pain or pleasure and understood what motivated their actions towards others and me. It allowed me to clearly see the nonconstructive aspects of self. Apart from case-related specific features telepathic mechanisms are generally seen as a basis for communication during NDEs: I was given all the answers I wanted. I saw that there was a plan, and all things happen for a reason Further I reached a point where I had no more questions because I somehow knew the entier plan.

It was like remembering; my soul has forgotten this wisdom There was a purpose to everything. I felt knowledge and glimpsed godhood, I guess. There are no words to adequately describe this experience Even occurrances like the possibility of forseeing future events - in details or in general- are reported. Geometric shapes and numbers: I was in a new place where there the most beautiful iridescent geometric shapes, like bubbles, glowing.

niflheim orlando mystical ending relationship

They also may show religious features or moral demands: I viewed many wars and conflicts, primitive armier bent on destroying each other, much hand-hand combat I was there at each war as an observer from a site above each conflict. I saw Jesus carrying inside the whole past of humans as if he wanted to clean the world from human stupidities. The Return and Life Afterwards The return to usual life takes place in differnt ways. I argued with it. I was so intensely comfortable and at ease in my new state of consciousness that I could quite easily I thought I had to find a way to support my children.

God said I ought to trust Him and let Him take care of us. As if we are all connected We must treat each other as if they are ourselfes. The socalled aftereffects are concerning different aspects of life.

Standing on first place is mostly a changed attitude towards death. It is knowing God, Heaven, Paradise. When you die you do not die, you go to another place heaven. I experienced an intensity of looking and sensing.

The grass shone like emeralds. The fresh air was euphoric. I used to take so much for granted. Now I really like most people Began to take an active interest in politics Began to read a lot more Became much less demanding of life; enjoyed many aspects of life that I had not noticed before Began to go to church, although only occasionally To me there is only one important sentence left. I always feel [being of light] love. It is a very comfortable belief for me and I am happy with it.

There is no God. Religious Otherworlds in Comparison with Aspects of Near-Death Experiences Extraordinary experiences and events are reported from different civilizations; they are put down in religious scriptures and literary records.

Archeological findings have shown further evidence. If those experiences have really taken place, and what influence they might have had is difficult to say.

First problems are already come up with finding respective indications within the various sources and an eventual differentiation: Given the necessary phantasy the number of considerable texts and material findings could be almost endlessly widened. From there alone search has to be limited to a few striking characteristic features usually marking near-death experiences and related paranormal experiences.

Even when there is serious evidence in materials the findings have to be regarded with reservation: Prehistoric Religions Although the examination of prehistoric conceptions and experiences of the beyond is limited to archeological findings regarding the material, those sources are nevertheless rich in evidence.

Material that nurishes the assumption even early humans believed in an inside soul reaches as far as the Early Stone Age. Skulls and lower jaws, seperated from their bodies and partly even buried were found in sometimes special order or with additions. Similar observances have been made at Peking man, the homo erectus: Further proof for a prehistoric conception of soul - that obviously was seen in connection with the head - show socalled skull repanations: They could be compared to coffin holes which were found in and outside Europe.

Jakob Ozols, professor for prehistory sums up that perspective: At the living it leaves the head only during the night or in extraordinary situations like sudden frightenings, severe illness or during special conditions like trance or ecstasy.

It is not tied on a certain time and may experience the past as well as the future. It can further meet the souls of long deceased humans, encounter with ghosts and have extraordinary adventures. To reach this location, that only was illuminated with the light carried with a small passage had to be passed.

niflheim orlando mystical ending relationship

One leaves day and sunlight behind and enters a never ending night. The next impression is a strangely changed perception of space. Anything else is engulfed by impenetrable darkness. The impression of unrecognizeable width triggered hereby is temporary lifting any sense of time. With the sense of time it is similar. It is also disturbed. The time spent in the cave may either dwindle imperceptible or appear as very long.

Later on motifs changed. After the transition from hunter-gatherer to farming ghost responsible for cycle-like reviving of huntable animals became dispensable; those gods that were seen as responsible for specific weather conditions became meaningful. Native and American Religions Apart from regional differences all native peoples have developed a belief to a soul that further exists after bodily death. The Maya living in Mesoamerica, who were an advanced culture even in times before Columbus, believed they had to pass a series of hurdles during transition to the underworld.

Aztects, living in Mexico until Spanish conquest believed in three different underworlds: Ill persons, without a regard to their social statur are to come in a region called Mictlan where they finally find their end. Victims of certain severe illnesses or elements however could expect the paradise-like Tlalocan. Victims of wars and women who died after birth finally were priviledged to enter the "house of the sun" as Aztecs saw it: Up, accompany the sun; her elder sisters, the heavenly princesses, who always and ever live in pleasure and joy You are living on a good, a beautiful place with our lord, the sungod.

A high mountain raises majesticly in the center, and on the top is the home of the Great Good Spirit. From there he watches Birds with the most beautiful plumage fulfil these forests with their sweet melodies. The seas are never lashed, neither by winds nor by storms; the mud never mixes with the clear waters of those rivers.

The seabirds, the otter, the beaver and fishes of every kind are in abundance there. There the sould is living unforeseeably long in a really happy hunting ground. There children will meet their parents and parents their children While we don't know if the 5,mile Chinese landmark was actually built to keep out hoards of hungry monsters, we do know that the film will feature a pony-tailed Matt Damon in one of his more eccentric roles to date.

Damon plays William Garin, a foreign warrior who volunteers to protect the Chinese using bow and arrow skills that would put Legolas Greenleaf to shame. The film was written by six different screenwriters-- which is almost never a good sign-- but since director Zhang Yimou Hero, House of Flying Daggers is an absolute master of stunning visuals, we're already expecting the story to take a backseat nap for the majority of this ride anyway.

But because the film opens in China a few months prior to its U.

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