Non separable bidimensional wavelet bases in a relationship

the isotropic matrix dilations have already been considered in [2] and [14] to construct non- separable bidimensional wavelet bases. For example, in [2] A is. Fourier and Wavelet Representations. 3. Wavelets and Going to Two Dimensions: Non-Separable Constructions. 6. Beyond Shift orthonormal bases (e.g. Fourier series, wavelet series) .. The need for truly two-dimensional constructions. • Tree based a frequency-direction relationship indicates a scaling law. For this purpose, we develop a certain relationship between partial Wavelet bases are obtained by translations and dilations of a nite number of . All three concepts can be carried over to the multidimensional case by using tensor products. there are only a few known examples of compactly supported non separable.

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WITS, Where Is The Starlet? a collection of wavelet names and properties ending with *let

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