Norway pakistan relationship

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norway pakistan relationship

Norway–Pakistan relations are warm. Norway provides development assistance to Pakistan, particularly in the areas of governance and education.[1] On a. Pakistan was one of the first main partner countries for Norwegian development aid. See the results of the cooperation between Pakistan and Norway. women against violence and emotional abuse in family relationships. Pakistan's ambassador to Norway, Ishtiaq Andrabi, agreed, "It will not harm the relationship," he told reporters after his meeting at the foreign.

Both countries enjoy cordial relations based on commonality of views on a number of important issues. It is encouraging to note that the relations between them are following an upward trend. These relations are reinforced by the presence of a large Pakistani Diaspora in Norway. At present there are 50, Pakistanis working in Norway-Norwegian nationals.

Abid Raja Liberal PartyMs. Hadia Tajik Labour Party and Mr. Mudassar Kapur Conservative Party. The figure is significant as Pakistani Norwegians only constitute 3. The proportion of Pakistani Norwegians, born and raised in Norway, in higher education at university level is higher than the Norwegian national average.

Norway provides development assistance to Pakistan, particularly in the areas of governance and education. There is a need to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in areas including trade, investment and defence.

Family Immigration

Pakistan has long-standing economic and trade relations with Norway and the help and assistance extended by Norwegian government to the flood victims of Pakistan in is highly valued by the Pakistani people. There is a vast scope of cooperation between Pakistan and Norway in governance, education, health and other sectors.

norway pakistan relationship

The export of cotton, textile and leather from Pakistan to Norway has lot of potential for further improvement. Both countries can also look at new avenues of cooperation such as hydropower generation, exploration of oil and gas and minerals. Agriculture is another area of cooperation.

Norway has been the third biggest exporter of gas in the world, fifth in oil and sixth in hydro power. Therefore Norway has great potential to help Pakistan in overcoming its energy crisis.

Immigration to Norway from Pakistan started in the late s. However, sinceimmigration has mostly been allowed only in cases of family reunification or family establishment.

Today there are nearly 40, persons living in Norway who were either born in Pakistan or both of whose parents were born there. They are well integrated in Norwegian society. Notably many second-generation Norwegian-Pakistani women attend higher education. Quite a number have attained prominent positions in Norwegian political and professional life. Historical connections Apart from the migration of Pakistanis to Norway in recent times, there are also earlier historical connections between the two countries.

Two examples may be mentioned. He specialized in Indo-Iranian languages. InMorgenstierne visited Peshawar and Kabul, where he stayed for half a year, working on what became an etymological dictionary of Pashto.

He arrived in Kabul with a personal letter of introduction to the King of Afghanistan from the King of Norway. Morgenstierne also did research on the Indo-Iranian frontier languages of northeastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.

norway pakistan relationship

Inhe returned to Baluchistan, Peshawar and Chitral, where he also studied the religion of the Kalash people in the Rumbur Valley. Together with linguistic studies, Morgenstierne collected remarkable scientific materials from the culture of the regional people, like images, movies from pre-Islamic ceremonial dances and sound recordings of nearly extinct languages.

The materials are available in his database at the National Library of Norway. He came to the Swat Valley in and kept returning until the s. The subject of his PhD dissertation from was the political organisation of the Swat Pathans. Trade and investments Trade between Norway and Pakistan is modest, but increasing, and the balance is in favour of Pakistan.

In recent years, the trend has been that Norway has imported more from, and exported less to, Pakistan. Pakistan exports mostly traditional goods, such as textiles, leather-goods and sugar, to Norway. The value of such remittances from Norway was about USD 40 million in Norway and Pakistan have no bilateral trade agreement, so WTO rules apply.

As a follow-up, negotiations on a trade agreement are being considered.

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In fact, in the period from June to JuneNorway was the source of the largest foreign direct investment in Pakistan, investing a total of USD million. Telenor is by far the largest Norwegian company present in Pakistan. Since its establishment inthe company has invested about USD 3 billion in Pakistan, and currently has some 40 million customers here.

Telenor is the second biggest mobile operator in Pakistan. In JuneTelenor won an auction of the MHz-band, which it is using to introduce 4G services.