Ouat 4x04 ending relationship

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ouat 4x04 ending relationship

Once Upon a Time: S4E4 'The Apprentice' In the end, Hook has to keep doing whatever Rumplestiltskin tells him. Sorcerers-apprentice In the. Listen to BS04 – S4E4 – Rocky Road and 24 other episodes by Beyond Storybrooke Beyond Storybrooke Once Upon a Time Podcast .. to Bald Mountain and combine their powers to obtain the curse for their happy ending. . Could this be a mirror image of Emma and Regina's relationship today?. And now that Emma has brought back Robin Hood's wife, Marian, and possibly sparked the end of Regina's relationship with him, will she return to her old, evil.

I helped you remember the darkness that lies beneath.

ouat 4x04 ending relationship

It is Zoso, the predecessor to Rumple, and the man who tricked Rumple into taking his place. Welcome back, Brad Dourif! Why do all the Dark Ones attempt to steal this box?

Zoso fails like all of his predecessors, but Rumplestiltskin will figure out a way. And it turns out he already made progress back in the Enchanted Forest when Anna came calling. He tells her that her parents did visit him, but will only reveal why after she makes a deal with him. That old man - the apprentice that guards that celestial box? All Anna has to do is drop a little poison into his tea. But since she failed to do it, old man gets cursed into a mouse.

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Oh my Disney heart skipped a beat. But Rumple was counting on her to fail, because to open the box requires someone pure of heart to get tempted by the dark side, but not go through with it.

She gets tempted, fails to do so, and he takes her unicorn tears and uses it to open the box. Oh but Mickey mouse still has some tricks up his sleeve. He jumps on Rumple, causing him to drop his dagger, and Anna picks it up.

ouat 4x04 ending relationship

She realizes the power it has over him and gets him to send her back to Arendelle with the box, after he reveals what her parents came to see him about. Unfortunately it turns out her parents were indeed afraid of Elsa and were looking for a way to contain her magic.

Gold warns Hook that the man Hook used to be - the owner of that hand - could influence who he is now. Hook laughs and calls Gold a liar, gets his hand back, and we get a shot of Gold ominously staring after him so you know some bad stuff is going to happen.

Although was Hook really that bad before his hook?

But the question is why? Should things go well and she wants me to hold her, I want to use both hands.

ouat 4x04 ending relationship

Seriously, how big is this apartment where they can fit 4 adults, 1 teenager and a baby? Snow even takes a Polaroid. He gets his wardrobe change. But RIP long black duster and sexy red vest?

Emma and Hook's relationship is bad for Emma.

You will be missed. Charming goes into adorable protective dad mode and Hook and Emma are off. Hook is very gentlemanly and seductive; a man should not be that beautiful.

ouat 4x04 ending relationship

I had to fan myself. Cue the moment not to relax. Hook is still staring at his possessed hand and Emma has to snap him back to reality.

ouat 4x04 ending relationship

Pretty much her romance with Hook is like the dagger to Rumple and Baelfire. Nothing ever stood between Rumple and Bae. Rumple crippled himself to see his son. Rumple became the dark One to save his son.

But then the dagger came and risked the wellbeing of his son.

OUAT - 4x04 'Will you go out with me again?' [Emma & Killian kiss]

Rumple's a bad, bad man. Alter some of the situations and it's pretty much similar. I like Hook a bit and it's understandable that Emma has a love interest. It's even passable with the extreme levels of forgiveness, but at this point her relationship with Hook is hurting and has hurted relationship with Henry.

Emma has tarnished her son's first love, sucumbed to darkness, memory-wiped her family and friends for the love of this man she should have let die. Emma of old aka before season 4 and onwards didn't let anything stand in her way and her son's happiness because of her love for her son. But now, she's devolved into someone else. This new Emma threatens her son's livelihood because of reasons. She ends of failing, not because of her parents or son, but because of a man that wandered into her life.

But this isn't some feminist's verbage or something, it's just a clear observation.