Oxen free gameplay ending relationship

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oxen free gameplay ending relationship

Change the Ending in Oxenfree In Tons of Unique Ways With These the game -- as long as you don't take steps to ruin your relationship with. Obviously in the ending where you make up with her, the game talks this is the third "secret" ending where your relationship with Clarissa is. Oxenfree features a number of interchangeable ending scenarios. You can end the game distant from Jonas if you emphasize the following: Plot with It's possible to save Michael and sustain his relationship with Clarissa.

You can also keep Michael and Clarissa together.

Don't wipe out Clarissa at the end of the game, and request that Michael stays with Clarissa on the beach earlier in the game. Bad Endings These steps will help you achieve generally negative endings. Make the other teens hate you, or wipe them out.

oxen free gameplay ending relationship

Ren There are multiple ways to turn Ren against you. He'll say no -- call the lie out with an interruption. Then you can slap him! This works for everyone. Follow these steps and Ren won't like you by the end of the game.


Jonas Jonas won't much like you either if you take these steps. Wait for him to hear the last melody. You can either betray her or get rid of her completely. Moving on, Alex saves Ren and then goes to save Clarissa. Clarissa jumps off the building and kills herself.

Then Ren drowned, matching her failure to save Ren. Do you get it? Have you ever played the rope puzzle where 2 people are tied together by ropes looping around their wrists? If it's too hard then think simpler: However, she gets premonitions, dejavus, and the recognition of a timeloop before anyone else because she is the creator of this 2nd timeloop.

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Yeah, that - causing THE unhealable rift between the two. I said before that Noona is not originally part of the First Encounter, right? That's because she isn't. She is a replacement for Clarissa's dog to keep Clarissa from remembering the decisive factor that broke Alex and her relationship decisively. Let me explain why. Over the course of many loops Alex subconsciously grows up and wants to make amends for all the wrongs she has done.

At first, well, she just wants to make Clarissa suffer and you get to make her as bloody miserable as possible with the Michael breakups.

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Then, she grows up a little and wants to make amends with her, but this is impossible because of the dog's death. That is where Noona came in. From Ren's description and her own memories, she remembers Noona and at the beginning of a time loop, subconsciously pulls her into the loop. But it is impossible for her to pull Noona in permanently since she can't fight the Original Timeline, so what can she possibly use to bind Noona permanently into her timeloop?

She used the megaphone.

oxen free gameplay ending relationship

Just like how Jones wanted to talk to his mother, Noona wanted to talk to her grandfather. Therefore by using the megaphone not only she stabilizes her own timeloop, she also integrated Noona into her own. Noona, the 3rd eternal recurrence of her loop.

Clarissa - While Ren and Clarissa do not interact much in-game, he will generally feel like Clarissa has a better handle on things. It is possible that the two are friends only because of their relationships with Nona. Endings Ren and Nona are Dating Ren and Nona will continue to date even after graduating High School, though they will go to different universities, and as a result, have a long distance relationship. Ren and Nona are not dating and Ren is still your friend The island will change Ren's feelings towards Camena and the general area, so he ends up in a university in California.

If not alienated, Alex will state that Ren is starting another band called "Drunk Talk. If alienated, Alex and Ren will not talk as much anymore and Alex will not really know what he is up to. Trivia Ren mentions that he needed a babysitter until he was 14, and is terrified of werewolves. Ren seems to have a fondness for history and literature as he knows a good bit about the island's history, as well as mythology as he often makes references to creatures and figures such as the Hindu deity Vishnu "Thank Vishnu!

He once pulled Alex into a broom closet to show her a broom that he swore looked like Abraham Lincoln. He once mocked a kid named Andrew Finnegan about a junior high dance in the middle of gym class as a joke.

Part of her job was delivering Maggie Adler 's mail every day. When taking him to Main Street, Ren mentions that Allie has commented on how "old" the island makes you feel.