Persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

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persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

If you say no, he transforms (radda radda) and will again give you the option to kill him. If you say yes to EITHER one, you'll get the bad ending. At first, Persona 3 may not look like your conventional RPG since aside from the normal dungeon exploring, you also need to increase your relationship with other characters as well as . You'll need to complete these quests before the due date ends. You will have two choices, let Ryoji live or kill him. Atlus re-released the game as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES with an . game, like relationships with specific characters or even your grades in school. . SEES chooses to instead fight, and confronts Ryoji in his final form. While Persona 3's original ending was perhaps a little ambiguous on what.

While half of the game is dedicated to participating in a typical teenager's life socializing, attending clubs, studying, etc. Every few floors features a boss battle and chests full of money and items are randomly strewn throughout.

The floors do not have set maps, except for the small boss floors, and are randomized each time the player visits. The battle system is a turn-based affair, with the Main Character and his comrades using their Personas to exchange blows with their enemies. Persona 3's battles also feature a system dubbed Once More, similar to the Press Turn battle system used in other recent Shin Megami Tensei games such as Digital Devil Sagain which the player is rewarded for exploiting enemies' elemental weaknesses.

However, instead of rewarding the entire party, extra turns are given on an individual basis.

persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

If a player attacks a Shadow weak to fire with fire, it is knocked down. If all enemies are knocked down, an "All-out Attack" can be performed, where all party members rush the enemies at once, dealing massive damage in a large dust cloud as comic-book style onomatopoeia "Bam! Only the protagonist is directly controllable in battle, while the numerous allies that join the party are governed by AI.

These AI allies and the main character himself are subject to a physical well-being parameter which moves from "great" to "good" to "tired" or "sick" over the course of exploring Tartarus. If a player or friendly NPC is "tired" or "sick", their performance in battle drops dramatically, and is more likely to take a critical hit.

Also, if one character is sick, they may also pass on the illness to other characters. Resting a night or two can restore the character's health.

In combat, the Main Character and his allies summon their Personas using a pistol-shaped device called an "Evoker" by aiming at their heads and pulling the trigger. With the aid of their Personas, the party is able to cast spells and perform special attacks characters can also perform basic physical attacks themselves.

While your allies in the game can only bring forth one Persona, the Main Character is able to gain many Personas and even change them in battle.

When Personas level the player inherits its natural attributes in the form of basic stats such as strength and magic. New Personas can be acquired via a post-battle shuffle card game, or through fusion of two or more existing Persona.

Here the social sim aspect of the game meets the dungeon hack portion, as the amount of bonus experience granted to a given Persona being created is determined by the strength of the Social Link with which that Persona's "Arcana" corresponds.

Low-level Social Links will grant small bonuses, while higher levels give generous portions. Maxed out Social Links are required to create the most powerful Persona in each particular Arcana. Plot[ edit ] The Main Character is a teenager who was orphaned as a young boy that returns to the city of his childhood.

Shortly after transferring to Gekkoukan High School, he is attacked by Shadows—-creatures that feed on the minds of their victims. The assault awakens his Persona, Orpheus, his only chance at defeating these creatures of the night. He soon discovers that he shares this special ability with other students at his new school; each is armed with an Evoker, a special handgun that they fire at their heads that does not harm them physically but causes emotional stress in order to summon forth their own Persona.

The Main Character learns that he is unique among the other members, being able to use multiple Personas and that he is guided by the formation of Social Links to improve his power. And the MC is the biggest Messianic Archetype ever. Messiah looks a bit like Akinari to me personally. They both stare upward and hold their hands in similar pose. This makes sense to me because Akinari taught the meaning of life and how to face death with dignity.

The Journey is filtered through Junpei's point of view. The MC was a relatively ordinary transfer student - but that isn't how Junpei perceives him. Instead, he sees a hero who's everything he wants to be: The MC we see in-game is colored by Junpei's jealousy, building him up to be far, far more than he actually was.

Persona 3 Fes:The Journey - Hermit Ending(Maya)

The Journey is filtered through everyone's point of view. The MC was a relatively ordinary transfer student - until Igor told him that he needed to forge social links to become more powerful and save the world. MC then unleashed his pheromones on the unsuspecting populous and cultivated any promising social links that appeared. He normally is a spacey and slightly brooding high school student, but his super pheromones generate an aura that cause people to perceive him as a hero who's everything they want him to be.

This includes whether or not they perceive MC is male or female. The MC is horrible in bed. He can make practically every named female character in the game fall in love with him, yet once he maxes a romantic social link and spends a "special evening" with them, they suddenly don't want to spend time with him. They'll even cancel dates with him - by text message - stating that they're embarrassed to be seen in public with him.

What other explanation could there be? Isn't this theory kinda "killed" by P3: They'll still cancel if you have a Sunday date planned when you max their link.

And IIRC on the "extra" dates it's never implied that they have sex. They just play cards or something. Upon finding this out, Yukari castrates the MC, which is why he can then summon Cybele.

But wasn't it Attis from the little girl link that is castrated? Hence it being sorta the world of Persona 1 and 2, but certain details are off. A variant is that all of the Persona series takes place after the Nocturne ending where you turn everything back to normal. However the twist is that the Demifiend was disgusted with both sides using humanity to their own ends and made it so they served Humanity as defenders in the form of Personae.

The Demifiend is currently in Hawaii enjoying the drinks, beaches, and the women. The MC is a descendant of Raidou Kuzunoha. That is, if the evidence presented on the Persona 4 page is correct. Erebus is giving the heroes a sex display at the final battle in The Answer. It is comprised of two halves, male and female you can see boobs on the one facing up with horns facing forward while the male more muscular faces down merged at the waist think of the positions and their movements during battleand the powerful attack called "Dark Embrace" looks very suspiciously worded and in its execution in this context.

Knowing persona's history with imagery it's not that far fetched.

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Takaya is MC's Shadow. He has yellow eyes, which is standard for Shadows, as made blatantly obvious by Persona 4.

persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

Female MC is only going to have one romance Tarot option and the others friendship. Ah, the old Double Standard. Having her able to romance and bed every male Tarot Card event carrier is unlikely.

persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

In order to justify this, this prediction goes on to say that the male MC will have "Friendship" max Tarot events and just one "Romantic" Tarot event as well; like in Persona 4. Besides, the Double Standard stands less if it is a Casanova Girl going for other girls. Kinda makes me wonder how would it look if the male lead goes after all the boys Of course, there won't be any members in her party she can sleep with.

Junpei's out of the running thanks to Chidori and let's just hope Ken 's not an optionbut Akihiko seems to be available. And if anybody needs to be dragged out on a date, it's him She can still goad him out of loving Chidori and he is fair game once Chidori buys the farm regardless. The Megaten Wiki's article on Junpei states that his social link for her will be friendship-only.

No Comforting the Widow scenarios here. Not officially, doujin wise however Probably for the best. Losing two girls in five months would probably leave him afraid of what would happen to the next woman he got close to.

So it's actually possible to have Elizabeth with the Female Main Character? Yup, confirmed in the new video here. So, anyone wonders how it will be to date Elizabeth when being a girl? She will just regard Female Main Character as a very good friend Jossed: She doesn't really date, but she can have a romantic relationship with: All are optional, as she obtains romance through certain dialog choices like Persona 4 S. Link Tartarus' influence is slowly seeping into the school, through the minds of the faculty The real reason that several of the school's clubs are either unavailable or locked up during the week before exams at start of the game, is due to the fact that the brainwashed faculty have been influenced to lock up all sorts of important doors or at least put up an obstacle to impede the progress of the MC making Social Links.

This could also prove that Tartarus may be a living location as such, providing an in-story theory as to why the structure of the tower changes each night. Monad is inside the school observatory One of the students spends several months searching for the secret school observatory, and eventually concludes that it's a waste of time looking for it because it must not serve any purpose. However, it's important to Tartarus and the Dark Hour, because Ikutsuki was going to sacrifice the gang on top of it.

Maybe that other building is the observatory, which turns into Monad during the Dark Hour: The student going on about the mystery of the missing observatory and what secrets it contains is the game's way of hinting that there's a secret area in Tartarus that's connected to the school observatory. Mitsuru's bike, equipment, Aigis and the evokers are Persona-powered When Mitsuru was working in the dorms on detecting shadows outside Tartarus, she was using radio and computer equipment to boost Penthesilea's scanning abilitiy, so somehow, some of the personae can merge with technology.

Later, when she shows up on her bike and Junpei asks how it works during the Dark Hour, she smiles and says, in a tone like a proud mother, "it's special". That sounds like Penthesilea might've been controlling the bike and making it run, which is why Mitsuru called it special in such an affectionate tone.

Aegis probably operates the same way during the Dark Hour, by using Palladion as an internal, backup power source which also explains why she can get tired in Tartarus - her endurance, like all the team members, is tied to her persona's stats. Possibly the SEES evokers work this way too, drawing just enough enough power from the user's dormant persona to fire the releasing shot.

The main character's so popular because Death's imprisoned within him Not in the goth, Takaya-style "we're all secretly longing for death" sorta way, but simply because the MC's essentially a demigod, a half-human, half Anthropomorphic Personification that's attending school and hanging out with people.

The effect he unconsciously has on everyone around him is probably akin to them being in the presence of a Greek god or an angel: That's also why Ryoji instantly eclipses the MC in popularity and has everyone gossiping about him when he arrives.

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He's projecting the same powerful aura the MC has, except it's even stronger since he's a full-fledged Physical God. This probably also led to the MC seeming a little more ordinary, since Death was no longer inside him, but the MC and Death both left each one's mark on the other even after they were separated Death kept a human form and personality, and the MC kept Thanatos and his Persona-switching abilities.

This troper always thought that it was less "he's a demigod, and that's awesome" as it is specifically that his "personality" is "death" in this case change, tarot-wiseor "fool" mutable, malleable, able to take the form of the other cards.

The ability to switch Personae also comes with the ability to switch personae bear with mein a way most people simply can't.

The MC is able to alter his basic personality to suit any situation. He can connect with so many people because he has no "real" personality, and is simply a reflection of the person with whom he interacts. His ability to forge so many relationships is a result of being able to fool people into thinking he's like them. This fits the Gameplay mechanics, actually. When the MC simply has a Persona attached that is similar to someone, they warm up to him a lot faster.

The Social Network - Some Later Impressions Of Persona 3

Messiah is the awakened form of Orpheus Due to the MC's gameplay mechanics, he never experiences an onscreen "resolution in his heart" moment like the other characters, but both Messiah and Orpheus are portrayed as representing his character: Messiah's face appears to be the same as Orpheus, and like all the other awakened personae, Messiah and Orpheus share a common theme.

Both of them sought to save the ones they loved from death, and descended into the underworld to do so. But whereas Orpheus failed, and so represents the initial form, Messiah succeeded, and represents its final form.

The last person to use the Great Seal was Jesus Persona 3 has all sorts of religious symbolism, but let's take away the allegory and instead treat it all like literal history. Two thousand years ago, the world reached a point of despair that began Nyx's summoning, and a group of persona users, including their leader who also used the persona Messiah, fought to stop it. Eventually Nyx awakened, and people all over the world were pulled into the Dark Hour just as they were in P3, resulting in the story that darkness descended upon the world.

The hero ascended and confronted Nyx, and used the Great Seal. Having made a promise to meet his friends again in three days, he returned from the battle with Nyx and seemed to have come back from the dead.

But the Great Seal caught up with him and he died again, which his followers took as an ascension to Heaven. His name was Jesus and, while the story of the last battle with Nyx got mixed up over the centuries, his soul protected the seal until the Kirijo Group started the mess all over again.

That's right, everyone is Minato in the Abyss of Time! And now if you'll excuse me, I need to install a few extra lightning rods on my roof Bear with me, it turns out that the Male MC and Female MC are twin siblings; but that in their individual Alternate Continuitythe other died in the same car crash that killed their parents. This is also why Nyx is able to "infect" the MC, they are connected to death through their other.

Oh oh, wait, actually this makes a lot of sense See, even if you play as the female MC it always seemed off that Pharos and Ryoji are still there since they were originally almost projections of the male MC's humanity onto death Although, that would mean that the male MC is responsible in both alternate universes for embodying death, which means he's stronger? Oh, but that would make for some odd conclusions you could draw seeing as Royji is one of the love options in the remake I'm going to stop before my brain wanders somewhere I don't want it to be.

The channeling part happens in Trinity Soul with Jun and Yuki. Personae are indestructable Think about it: Five persona users die in the course of the game.

While they're abnormally resilient surviving being blown up, frozen, cut up, etcetera. But the one time a Persona itself was attacked was when Fuuka awakened her Persona: The attacker was knocked over from the recoil, while Fuuka and Lucia were apparently unharmed. Lucia doesn't have any reflect or resist abilities, and has generally bad stats.

How else could it take a hit like that? In P3P, maxing the Hierophant Social Link will save Shinjiro If you look at the trailers, you'll see Shinjiro in areas you cannot access with him in the original. What does this mean? Plus, Shinjiro's death was such an asspull. There's new info on the game? Could we get a link? Also, I'm going to go ahead and guess you need maxed courage to work on the Shinjiro link.

Not sure yet if you can save Shinjiro or not. There's this and that rumour, but it sounds unreliable. Wait, are you sure Ken's link is romantic? I'm also not sure how Shinjiro would fit for the Moon link though I'm not sure how he fits for Heirophant, either.

persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

Er, no, I didn't meant to say Ken's SL is romantic. Shouldn't have said "date", alright. As for the Arcanas, well, that's always up to interpretations. Be your own guest for that. Confirmed that Shinjiro does survive from maxing his S. Comatose, yes, but he does wake up in March. Moon does fit the theme of his S. Link by the way, albeit differently from the two we're familiar with Nozomi and Ai. Moon is associated with dreams, fears, insight, and inner conflict.

persona 3 kill ryoji ending a relationship

Aside from the first only through saving him it would make sensethey do fit his character and situation in the plot. Better yet, it explains the complications he has with the heroine if you take it he had some feelings for her romantic sense. Also consider that the Moon represents illusion. He tries to keep a distance by behaving harshly. A good portion of his Social Link is showing that he's not really a jerk at all.

Link is optionally romantic. The FeMC is aware of what it looks like, which is why she needs Max courage. She says nothing to Junpei when he confronts her, and instead throws an easily dodged attack to push him into fighting her. Once the battle begins, she barely makes any effort to attack the party, and spends most of her turns just bemoaning her own fate: Then, as soon as Junpei's in danger, she confesses her love for him and gives up her life to save him.

It seems more likely that she knew she was going to die anyway, and since she didn't want anyone grieving for her, she tried to provoke SEES into killing her in battle. It only failed when the heroes refused to kill her and Takaya, already suspecting her heart isn't in the fight, forced the issue by shooting Junpei.

Beating up Erebus greatly reduced the amount of depression and nihilism in the world. The ending to the Journey had a lot of people happier than they'd been the whole game, the ending to the Answer was very upbeat, and just look at Persona 4. Everyone in the world feels better after that.