Playing citadel dlc after ending a relationship

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playing citadel dlc after ending a relationship

Apr 10, It's also a series about relationships. Does it end in sex, or just a health kit and a change of pants? . Note: I haven't played the Citadel DLC, which I'm told grants you one last hook-up After all this, I'm not sure I'd bother!. Mar 20, After the shooting is complete, Citadel focused on nothing but I simply loaded one of my late saved games, played Citadel, and was done. So I just beat the Citadel DLC and holy shit, was that the best! The best way to play it is after the ending, once you come in terms with it and you remember this DLC is the last But the best part are the characters and all those relationships.

March 5, MSRP: Expect spoilers if you click through. Mass Effect 3 has had several downloadable content packages released which expand on some aspects of the single-player game, including most recently the " Omega " package, but this week Bioware let loose rather a different single-player pack: What makes it different isn't just that it includes participation from every major Mass Effect crew character and voice actor—though that's a welcome change from some past Mass Effect DLC packs—but that the focus of the package isn't really on tossing Shepard and crew into another combat arena.

playing citadel dlc after ending a relationship

Instead, the DLC quite literally lets the crew of the Normandy get boozed up and partied out It drew praise for its strong story and powerful emotional beats, but at the same time there was the issue of that ending —it was an amazing hour-plus journey capped off with what many felt was 15 minutes of hand-waving and three bad and essentially identical choices. But over the series' three games I've come to care deeply about Shepard and the crew of the Normandy.

Favorite moments of the Citadel DLC

The friendships and romances formed are a significant part of the attraction, far more so than the combat, which has never really been my favorite. The role-playing aspect has been the reason I've stuck with Shepard and company. The moments in Mass Effect 3 that were the most powerful and beautiful weren't the huge set-piece explosion-fests, but the bits of character interaction between missions—the kind of things that people often write fan fiction about.

What do the characters do when they're off-duty?

Mass Effect 3's 'Citadel' DLC demonstrates the franchise's messy, wonderful soul

Hanging out with my space bros In Mass Effect 3, players didn't have to write fan fiction to get a peek into the crew's rec time. Archeologist Liara T'Soni builds a time capsule. Stoic teammate Garrus Vakarian my Shepard's space brother from another mother takes Shepard target shooting and ends up with one of the greatest lines of dialogue in the entire series.

Sure, the moments were obvious fan service, but after years of following the series, these palate-cleansing bits of fun were refreshing—more than refreshing, in fact. But what if there were more than a few isolated moments of fun to be had?

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What if there were a DLC containing a couple hours of pure, unadulterated silliness? They kiss their girls as they turn away. The DLC is a big, wet, sloppy three-hour fan-service kiss Share Save This is a weekly column from freelancer Rowan Kaiser, which focuses on "Western" role-playing games: One of the reasons that the Mass Effect series has been one of the most-discussed franchises of the generation is because the games are many different things to many different people.

They're long-term serialized stories.

playing citadel dlc after ending a relationship

They're slowly wandering through cities in space, engaging in long conversations. They're tough battles against overwhelming odds. The core divide is between the self-serious saga of Shepard versus the Reapers that the franchise attempts to convey, and the entertaining — if slightly goofy — glorious mess that some perceive it to be. The final story-based expansion for the series, the recently-released 'Citadel' add-on, demonstrates how big that divide can be and then it bridges the gap.

This often worked to create propulsive stories, particularly the fantastic sequence on Tuchanka. But it also felt more generally like there was just too much grim warfare. Of course, the game believing its own mythology to be its most important aspect led to the controversial ending that embodied the game world's internal logic of Shepard-versus-the-Reapers.

Mass Effect 3's 'Citadel' DLC demonstrates the franchise's messy, wonderful soul

This component of Mass Effect exists in 'Citadel' as the first half of the new content. In it, Shepard is ordered to the Citadel for repairs to the Normandy as well as a bit of relaxation. Something goes wrong, there's a conspiracy against her or his life, and Shepard is forced to save the day again. The story is notably lighter than anything in Mass Effect 3's primary narrative, and it's somewhat detached from the overarching Reaper war.

Indeed, it feels more like one of Mass Effect 2's character quests: In a way, Citadel is Commander Shepard's loyalty mission. In terms of gameplay, Citadel adds new weapons and a compelling boss encounter. The shooting section of 'Citadel' can be trifling, but it doesn't overstay its welcome. For many players, the joy of the series comes not from being in Mass Effect, but rather playing with Mass Effect.

These players see the game in terms of how it reacts to what they did, and want to see how those parts interact based on the decisions made throughout the trilogy. They delight in seeing, for example, that if Garrus and Tali are alive, and missing romance in their lives, those crazy kids hook up in Mass Effect 3.

These are the players for which the second part of 'Citadel' was created, where you wander around the new parts of the Citadel and talk to your old friends. BioWare's primary strength through its history has been its characterization.