Rafah crossing closure in a relationship

Rafah crossing: a sacrifice Gazans are unwilling to make

rafah crossing closure in a relationship

Since the closure of the Rafah Border Crossing in , the cliché new pragmatic approach should also apply to their relationship with Fatah. Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah Crossing yesterday for two days, after it had been closed for days, Palestinian Al-Resalah. Palestinians wait to travel to Egypt through the Rafah border crossing in the Hamas warns Israel of 'dangerous consequences' over Gaza crossing closure.

Abu Aita claimed that one of the biggest obstacles are the conditions set by Hamas, which wants partnership in running the crossing. Partnership should be political and not in running government institutions," he said. Resistance faction or pragmatic government? Palestinians have shown they are ready for unlimited amount of sacrifice Hamas has attracted praise since coming into power in Gaza for asserting discipline, disarming militias and families.

rafah crossing closure in a relationship

However, some say that this came at the expense of the party as a resistance force and their new pragmatic approach should also apply to their relationship with Fatah. By this step they could convince the people that they are working for them and make Abbas bear the expense in this with Egypt," said Palestinian analyst Rami Khrais.

rafah crossing closure in a relationship

Additionally some Gazans refuse to defend Hamas and their control of Gaza on the grounds of the group being part of "the resistance," as their duel role of government means they have developed other interests rather than simply being a resistance faction.

Khrais pointed out that Hamas have profited off their control of the Rafah crossing, being able to collect extortionate fees for crossing and taxing goods that pass through the area. As Hamas attempt to balance between their role as a resistance faction and simoultaniously remedy Gaza's everyday concerns, some feel that this has lead to them "dealing with the devil".

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This includes former head of Gaza preventative security and arch-enemy of Hamas, Mohammed Dahlanwho might be placed to rehabilitate Hamas within the context of Egypt. However, as the PA and the legacies of Oslo have come under fire for security coordination with Israelmany still defend Hamas as a resistance faction due their more antagonistic relationship with Israel compared to the Fatah-dominated PA. Many others agree with defending a Gazan crossing independant of control from either the PA or Israel.

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Some Gazans criticised similar sentiments, saying those outside Gaza, such as Bourghouti need to pay the price of having such as stance. Similarly, although many Gazans were supportive of the individual sacrifices made by those fighting in the Gaza war, as time went on polls and general sentiment has showed many are now doubtful that the huge sacrifices elicited much in return.

When Israel withdrew from the Sinai inRafah was divided into an Egyptian and a Palestinian part, splitting up families, separated by barbed-wire barriers. Israel withdrew from Gaza in September Control of the Gaza—Egypt border was on the Egyptian side handed over to Egypt.

Gaza–Egypt border

On 7 SeptemberIsrael withdrew from Gaza and closed the Rafah crossing. The agreement specified that Egyptian border guards would be deployed along the length of the border, and both Egypt and Israel pledged to work together to stem terrorism, arms smuggling, and other illegal cross-border activities.

The agreement ensured Israel authority to dispute entrance by any person. On the other hand, the Palestinians agreed because they wanted to limit Israeli interference at Rafah and maximize their sovereignty. Diversion via Kerem was meant as a temporary measure but in fact, imports through Rafah were never realized, forcing the Palestinians to develop a smuggling tunnels economy.

Israel had consistently tried to turn the Kerem Shalom border crossing which borders Egypt into a commercial crossing between Gaza and Israel, or as an alternative passenger crossing to Rafah.

The Palestinians were concerned that Israel would take control over the Gaza-Egypt border or even replace Rafah and objected. When Morsi was deposed by the army in Julythe Crossing was again almost completely shut down. It provided food to feed aroundpeople for 5 days. In Septemberit was circa 3, while the Gaza population numbered 1. Israel issued security warnings, thus preventing European monitors from travelling to the terminal. The Hamas-led PA Government threatened on 23 June to terminate the Rafah border-crossing agreement if the border would not be reopened.

The Crossing was infrequently reopened after this attack. The movement of ambulances via Rafah was prohibited. The EU BAM proposed the use of "shuttle" ambulances at the Crossing, requiring two additional transfers of the patients between the ambulances.

They were beaten back by Egyptian police and gunfire erupted.