Random photos relationship goals dubsmash

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random photos relationship goals dubsmash

Images from ♡ Harini Dayasagara ♡ on instagram. Images by harinidayasagara. When Kelum Maama came Relationship Goals. First dubsmash upload. Dubsmash is an app which lets you create your own music videos dubbed with Users can also send photos, videos, and calendar links. So this one random ass day decided I wanted to actually get high for the first time. so I told this friend of mine who always smokes that I wanted to pull up to this.

For numbers that are sufficiently close to pi this is trivial — the range-reduced number is the answer. Note that sin double pi should not return zero. Frustration It is surprising that fsin is so inaccurate. In their most recent Volume 2: Then, in Volume 3: System Programming Guide, section They reiterate this in section 8.

Images by harinidayasagara

This optimistic documentation has consequences. In an up-and-coming Linux kernel programmer believed this documentation and used it to argue against adding an fsin wrapper function to glibc.

random photos relationship goals dubsmash

See this blog post for more details and pretty pictures. Intel has known for years that these instructions are not as accurate as promised.

They are now making updates to their documentation. Updating the instruction is not a realistic option.

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I ran my tests on the 2. Clearly the glibc developers are aware of the problems with fsin and have stopped using it. Is it a bug? The IEEE spec says exactly how fdiv should be calculated perfectly rounded but imposes no restrictions on fsin. However the documentation is buggy.

By claiming near-perfect accuracy across a huge domain and then only providing it in a tiny domain Intel has misled developers and caused them to make poor decisions.

For double-precision the guarantees are not met for numbers as small as about 3. The absolute error in the range I was looking at was fairly constant at about 4e, which is quite small.

For many purposes this will not matter. However the relative error can get quite large, and for the domains where that matters the misleading documentation can easily be a problem.

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While it is getting increasingly difficult to actually end up using the fsin instruction, it still shows up occasionally, especially when using older versions of glibc.

You can stop reading here if you want. The rest is just variations and details on the theme. The fandom's large amount in numbers is one main reason to contributing to AlDub's success. In general, the AlDub Nation has established fan club chapters coming from the Philippines and abroad. As of date, there is an estimated number of 43 local chapters within the country and 44 international chapters from all over the world.

The AlDub verified page on Facebook username: MaineAlden16 has overfollowers — numbers which may potentially increase as AlDub's popularity has yet to show signs of waning.

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While a lot of tweets came from the Philippines, there was a large number of tweets from the East and West Coasts of the U. Two-thirds of all the tweets came from outside of the Philippines. In an interview from CNN Philippinesit was said that the reason why AlDub-related hashtags work is because of teamwork between different fan clubs on Twitter. There were subgroups which had primary goals such as hashtag trendsetters that sets up hashtags for the day to be used during the show, statistics to monitor tweet counts, hashtag policies that guards the fandom by making sure that they use the correct hashtag and its spelling, and its fandom and character parody accounts that help the fandom to communicate and keep on tweeting.

Eat Bulaga has raised P14 million from ticket sales from the "Tamang Panahon" concert for its library project. Wally Bayolain character as Lola Nidora, announced this on Saturday during the opening segment of the noontime show. The show earlier said it was donating percent of the proceeds from the show to its project which aims to build "AlDub Libraries" at selected schools nationwide.

Fans who were unable to buy tickets were also given the opportunity to donate to the project. Among them were supporting the campaign to stop lumad killings, gathering donations for a book drive for lumad children, charity concerts for the Mangyans, outreach and feeding programs, and an awareness campaign for dengue prevention.

Sorita says that many can relate to Yaya Dub's situation, portrayed as an ordinary woman who hopes for someone popular or a " prince charming " Alden Richards to notice her.

Sonita also described that Maine Mendoza, who portrays the character of Yaya Dub as a "diamond in the rough" an ordinary person whose talent and potential maybe discovered through ordinary means.

random photos relationship goals dubsmash