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redstate ending relationship

The Guardian's US editor John Mulholland urges you to show your support for independent journalism with a year-end gift to The Guardian. As you build relationships in your neighborhood, your encouragement to vote ( and your In the end, we participate in politics to help others. Red State is a American independent action horror film written and directed by Kevin . It seemed Smith had poured a liberal dose of gasoline on a pile of indie-film relationships and lit a match, and . Former collaborator Ben Affleck also loved the film and ended up casting Goodman, Parks and Bishé in his film Argo.

redstate ending relationship

Thank you for coming. I will say this in my own defense I've seen many trailers where I'm like "this is awesome", and I put my money down, and I'm like "You fucking lying whores".

So ladies and gentleman, as you can see we're up here alienating all our future work, just burning the bridge as we cross it, and ah, that means there's probably not going to be much studio help for me and Jon in the future.

I said, 'If I get to Sundance, I intend to pick my distributor in the room, auction-style.

redstate ending relationship

I stood up there and said that I'm gonna take my movie—I'm gonna take it out and try not to spend money doing it. Smith was one of the first in the business to have a website and sell merchandise — pieces of film from his movies and action figures — to fans.

But one source who has worked with him thinks Smith might be one of the first filmmakers to exploit and then be undone by social media, and that access to social media has eliminated any filter that might have protected Smith from emotional outbursts that, in this person's view, have undermined his career. I've got a little fish in a plastic bag and one idealistic secretary on my side, and the Bob Sugars seem to be leaning in doorways, smirking.

He described the traditional film marketing system, in which studios buy films and then spend large amounts of money marketing it often comparable to the film cost.

He noted that it took seven years for his film Clerks to become profitable due to this system see Hollywood accounting. He also compared selling a film to giving a child away for someone else to raise it. True independence is schlepping that shit to the people yourself. And that's what I intend to do What we aim to prove is that anybody can release a movie as well, and it's not enough to just make it and sell it anymore, I'm sorry. Indie film isn't dead people, it just grew up. It's just indie film 2.

But I can't think of a more interesting business news story that you're ever gonna hear about this fucking year, man.

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We're definitely gonna go out there and try to find a new distribution model. He invited them on stage and proceeded to interview them. The website's critical consensus states "Red State is an audacious and brash affair that ultimately fails to provide competent scares or thrills. More like Kevin Smith than it looks because nobody ever stops talking. The first time we speak, he's at his Hollywood Hills home, and over the course of a two-hour-plus phone conversation we get 10 interviews'-worth of monologues, diatribes and anecdotes, all as funny as they are frustrating as the Guardian tries to barge in with questions.

Red State – review

There's a lot to discuss. After the Weinsteins passed on the script, Smith set up a production company to make Red State, naming it The Harvey Boys in honour of the man who put him on the map. Smith was hailed as a new indie hero. He bounced back with 's Clerks 2but a further knock was just around the corner in the shape of 's skewed romcom Zack And Miri Make A PornoSmith's attempt to capitalise on the bawdy Judd Apatow comedies he saw himself as a part of.

It forced me into seclusion, I stayed offline and ended up smoking weed and watching a lot of hockey documentaries. The critics went to town on it. They literally talk about my appearance and my clothing' John Goodman in Red State.

Motherfuckers literally talk about my appearance and my clothing. I'd hear myself going, 'Film used to be my passion, now it's my career. On a flight from Oakland to Burbank, Southwest deemed Smith to be too fat for his seat and he was asked to leave the plane.

redstate ending relationship

Smith took to Twitter to air his grievances. The media then picked up the story and didn't take Smith's side. It featured an interview with Fred Phelps, leader of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Churchthe folk who picket funerals and condemn homosexuals to hell. The Phelps footage was was "terrifying", says Smith.

But I felt like I could unnerve the audience. He also declared he wouldn't spend money on marketing, and that he was going to retire from directing after his next film, Hit Somebody, a two-part opus about ice hockey. I'm a guy trying desperately to fit into an outfit that doesn't look good on him' Michael Parks in Red State.

redstate ending relationship

Smith says he's happy to distribute his own films, that after years of experience he knows who wants to watch his films and how to reach them. Ironically, though, the film he decided to market specifically to Kevin Smith fans is not at all what you'd expect from Kevin Smith; it's wildly unpredictable, scary, and funny in a way that none of his previous films have been.