Relationship goals 2015 tumblr

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relationship goals 2015 tumblr

buzzfeed. Bae goals: Dr. Spencer Reid. [x] “Bae Goals”. HDLSD. Bae goals. • exclusivity. •comfortably. •monogamy. •mutual ambition #bae#relationship. I'm a dating rookie, but a veteran witness of others' relationships. . In this year of our Lord , that can kinda suck. social media, are #relationshipgoals aka photos of a woman holding a huge-ass bouquet of white roses. Reading Anaïs Nin within the confines of a Tumblr search last week, I found a. Here, we answer all your burning questions about their relationship. In September , Liza moved from her Texas to L.A. After that, they go.

You steal the time. You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper. You sit next to each other on the couch with computers on your laps.

After the kids are asleep you You slip away for a night, which we've only just now done for the first time.

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Of course, I call home while we're away. Ben would be surprised if I didn't.

relationship goals 2015 tumblr

And when Ben talked about what he finds attractive in Jen: I think that is what gives her this incredibly appealing quality. She's more than the girl next door because she is so va-va-voom, but also she's not threatening.

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Flat-out, no questions about it, just better at it. And whenever Ben is proud to support Jen with her volunteer work: I so admire your work.

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My wife is the opposite of that. When Jen offered this marriage advice: Our kids are little, our careers are big, our lives are huge. When Ben won a Golden Globe and the first thing he did was kiss Jen: And the look she gave him while he was thanking her in his speech: Thanks for sitting through this.

You are my everything. He began commenting back. It only took a few days of this back and forth before the interactions turned into Skype conversations, and then texting and calling.

relationship goals 2015 tumblr

What started as a few innocuous comments on a social media site quickly turned into a real, honest-to-God relationship. Lukas' story and the many more like his are proof that online dating sites aren't the only place to meet a partner these days — social media itself can be too.

Here's why we shouldn't be so surprised.

relationship goals???

Your common interests are clear: How can sites like Facebook or Tumblr bring two people together romantically? It might have something to do with commonalities. A University of Chicago studyusing survey data commissioned by eHarmony, found that those couples who met online were more likely to have happier, more satisfying relationship compared to those who met through more traditional means. Why did the online couples fare better?

relationship goals 2015 tumblr

The study's authors suggest that people who seek each other out via the Web are better suited for one another. Online dating not only allows for a greater pool of potential partners, but also allows people to connect up front over shared interests and clearly defined relationship goals, "permitt[ing] these individuals to be more selective in identifying a compatible partner.

YouTube One particularly apt example? Cory and Bethany connected over a shared appreciation for photography.

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And that she would be brave enough to come visit some strange guy in New Orleans 7 hours away after only talking to him for a few short weeks, AND that within 9 months of dating we would be engaged! A photo posted by on You get personal and honest fast: Online dating sites offer various platforms for chatting. Laura from Washington, D.