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Though BuzzFeed officially launched in November of , the company's story begins long before. My guess is that in the long run this episode will have a larger . be seen but also shared, as the goal of BuzzFeed's branded content . Donald Trump's historical relationship with the Press, while the one. Speaking of Dickerson, Slate's podcast chief Steve Lickteig confirmed that distribution ties with PRI, with whom they've had a relationship since January . (Website); Last Thursday, ESPN Audio rolled out the first episode of a new ourselves,” he said, noting that last year's goal was a comparatively modest 5, We have a great episode of our Schmidt's Naturals podcast,. BuzzFeed maintain professional relationships with client contacts to execute engagement goals, Presented as a selected panel speaker and representative of the School of.

relationship goals buzzfeed episode speakers

Varoufakis, who is now 58 years old, wants to be the man to change that. Last month he also went to Vermont, where he launched an initiative called Progressive International at an event with Bernie Sanders.

Varoufakis agrees that these movements were spawned by leaders more worried about bankers than normal people. As the right unites, the left is dissolving. But the very questions that are forging a natural alliance among the far right — immigration, identity, and national sovereignty — split the left, in many cases driving a wedge right down the middle of existing parties.

International financial institutions span borders, and so must governments if there is any hope of bending them to the will of voters, he argues. He wants a new elected government in Brussels, transforming the EU into something more like a United States of Europe.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Varoufakis put much of the blame on ego and opportunism. That, he said, is why he is trying to build a new party from the ground up to compete in all of the EU. These groups also have strict rules requiring gender parity in top posts. In a happier, better world, I would be in Aegina writing my [books] without the chores of electoral politics or the nastiness that one encounters even amongst comrades.

If I am running it is because a historical accident bequeathed me some political capital that I am now putting at the disposal of our party list. He was, for a moment, a true global celebrity.

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Varoufakis was one of the most closely watched politicians in the world. Nobody else has that.

relationship goals buzzfeed episode speakers

He is not replaceable anywhere in the European Union. Finally, a radical government was elected to end the cycle of austerity and bank bailouts. But Varoufakis resigned in defeat after just five months in office. Despite popular support, the government had sidelined him and agreed to the bailout.

Varoufakis then began a career as a kind of professional victim, a tragic hero to his fans and a self-aggrandizing egocentric to his critics. Varoufakis still has many supporters. He took his first step back to politics increating an organization intended to link disparate left-wing parties called Democracy in Europeor DiEM25 for short.

It now counts 78, members. With the group, Varoufakis wanted to spark a groundswell of support to write a new constitution for the EU by But, Varoufakis told BuzzFeed News, he quickly despaired at the possibility of creating a broad alliance of existing parties.

He is trying to get elected next May to the European Parliament. Now Varoufakis leads a ticket to get elected next May to the parliament of the European Union. For some of his supporters, Varoufakis — who was educated in the UK and spent parts of his career teaching in Australia and Texas — is the only politician who truly understands the realities of their transnational lives.

Her son holds British citizenship, so they may lose the right to live in the same country after Brexit. European Spring hopes to transform Europe it into a true beacon of progressive internationalism and revive the democratic spirit in the process.

This vision seems especially audacious today, as the Brexit mess is proving that the EU is far from indivisible. The EU is split on fundamental questions ranging from immigration to marriage equality to policy toward Russia. It did, however, announce that Fresh Air remained the most downloaded podcast in the ecosystem.

And speaking of Apple… Apple Podcast Analytics are now live. Oh look, it finally happened! A little over a week before Christmas, no less. On December 14,Cupertino finally rolled out its long-awaited in-episode podcast analytics feature that allows publishers to learn just how much of their episodes are being consumed — at least, off the Apple Podcast app.

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While in-episode listening data has long been provided by a number of third-party apps, this is the first time publishers will receive that information from the Apple Podcast app, which is believed to drive the majority of all podcast listening. The new feature is listed as still being in its beta phase, and it takes the shape of a visual dashboard displaying in-episode aggregate completion and drop-off rates.

This essentially means you can now find out if anybody made it to that third midroll whoops or the late-game twist in the narrative yikes or if folks are generally opting to skip cold opens oof. The prominence of ad-skipping, a potential podcast advertising bogeymancan now also be identified through the new dashboard.

Will publishers be able to carry the ball forward this year? How will this change the value narrative of podcast advertising?

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And will we see more efforts at a reliable chart system from another source? Keeping a close eye on this Midroll—Marvel Wolverine fiction podcast project. Brendan Baker is directing! Feral Audio is shutting down following an abuse accusation against its founder.

relationship goals buzzfeed episode speakers

Founder Dustin Marshall announced the move on Christmas Day in a personal Tumblr post responding to an accusation of emotional abuse from an ex-girlfriend. I wrote up that part of the context elsewhereshould you wish to read further.

Comey news cycle — Cohen drops BuzzFeed suit — Time 100 — Search for Austin Tice

Marshall noted that he is shuttering the company at the start of the new year in order to seek treatment. Later in the post, he graphically laments the state of the industry. But not every podcast will carry over. Sleep with Me, which joined the network in earlyhas already decided to go fully independentwhile other shows, like Doughboyshave signaled that they are currently reviewing options.

Feral Audio was originally founded in as a podcast collective driven by a belief in complete creator ownership and direct listener support. It incorporated as a network insolidifying its partnership with Starburns Industries and bringing on new key people.

Later, in Novemberthe company formalized its relationship with Art19the podcast technology company, to improve its advertising capabilities.

Throughout that time, Feral Audio bore the ups and down of your typical Los Angeles comedy-oriented podcast shop. Despite the troubling circumstances of its founder and its end, the Feral Audio vision — to foster a model of greater artist control — is one that remains salient in the podcast industry.

Things continue to look tough for the storied New York public radio station. Since the last newsletter, WNYC dismissed Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz for misconductheld a partially public board meeting that went sideways, and drew a medley of critical headlines.

And what considerable growth it has seen: Closely related as they may seem, the two things are not the same, and both pose different questions of retribution and consequences. Moving into the new year, three questions remain about WNYC: How will Laura Walker and Dean Cappello — the primary leadership structure articulated in the piece — weather the fallout?

Will the station see material backlash from the donating public in the next pledge drive campaign? And what specific steps will the station take to fix its culture problem from top to bottom? Podcasting blew open the market and gave women with stories to tell someplace else to go to work. I suspect this is true for both WNYC and the broader public radio ecosystem more generally. The comments in question refers to an incident last year in which Pattiz, the founder and chairman of PodcastOne, made inappropriate remarks to comedian Heather McDonaldwhose show was hosted on the network, during a taping.

The show, Juicy Scoop, has since moved to Wondery, and Pattiz has apologized for the comments. The employee also alleges that he was told to inflate download numbers. Pattiz has disputed that claim. Jim Berk, former head of the film production company Participant Media, has since taken over the role.

Another Round will no longer be a BuzzFeed show. The show announced the development through its social accounts on December 20, Another Round has been part of BuzzFeed since its in-house launch in Marchand has been steadily publishing under the banner even after Nigatu left the company in May to wrote for The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert. The duo accepted the offer, but the show will be taking a break.

relationship goals buzzfeed episode speakers

Clayton remains a staffer at BuzzFeed. Nintendo relaunches its beloved Nintendo Power magazine as a podcast.

relationship goals buzzfeed episode speakers

Netflix releases a companion podcast to Wormwoodits original six-part documentary series from Errol Morris, with the involvement of Pineapple Street. Previously, the streaming service partnered with Panoply Custom for a podcast companion to Making a Murderer.

This week in NPR watch: Smith joined NPR in