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relationship satisfaction test free

minute relationship therapy. This week: take the Relationship Satisfaction Test . Very. Dissatisfied. Moderately. Dissatisfied. Somewhat. Dissatisfied. Neutral. Somewhat. Satisfied. Moderately. Satisfied. Very. Satisfied. Sub. Totals. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. How strong is your relationship or marriage? Find out by taking a short quiz online at Psych Central.

How rocky is your relationship?

Anxiety There a several different reasons people can feel anxiety. Whilst it's a perfectly normal emotion, some people can struggle with having too much anxiety to the point where it can get in the way of life.

Find out more about different types of Anxiety Disorders Panic Sometimes people can have frightening experiences where it seems like something terrible is about to happen, such as having a heart attack, or other physical or psychological problem.

When these happen because of raised anxiety they're often called a panic attack. GAD There's a strong connection between feeling anxious and worrying. It's perfectly normal to feel a little bit of anxiety sometimes, but if you're feeling it frequently, or worrying lots then it could be a problem.

There are a number of symptoms that happen for people that are experiencing GAD Sometimes people can struggle to believe they are a worthwhile or valuable person. OCD Lots of people can feel the need to do things in a particular way.

relationship satisfaction test free

But when we struggle with unpleasant or 'intrusive' thoughts, or find that we're doing rituals and behaviours that get in the way of life, it can be useful to consider if OCD is the real problem. PTSD Traumatic events from the past can sometimes cause problems in the future.

Online Relationship Satisfaction Questionnaire

Some people may feel that an RSAT score of 32 "somewhat satisfied" is good enough. In contrast, someone with a score of 41 "extremely satisfied" may feel the desire for greater closeness and intimacy.

That's okay, because there are lots of things you can do to make a great relationship even better. It's all a matter of your goals and expectations. If the person you rated is someone you're close to, such as your husband, you can ask him to take the same test so you can find out how he feels about the relationship.

Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) | Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Sciences

The information can be unsettling. This meant that he thought his marriage was absolutely wonderful. She scored a 0, completely dissatisfied in every single category.

relationship satisfaction test free

You may think that the extreme discrepancy between how Dale and his wife felt about their marriage is unusual, but it's not. My research indicates that emotional disconnections between husbands and wives are common, especially if the relationship is troubled. When their feelings don't match up at all, it means they're living in different worlds. In contrast, in happy, successful relationships, both partners typically rate the relationship in almost the same way, indicating that they're emotionally connected with each other.

If you have a low score, I don't want to alarm you but to nudge you. Relationships aren't likely to change through wishful thinking or waiting for your partner to change.

relationship satisfaction test free

Ultimately, the fate of your relationships will be up to you.