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relationship therapist auckland

Is fighting unhealthy? Is cheating a deal breaker? Here are ten questions you've always wanted to ask a relationship therapist. Relationship counselling and Sex Therapy Auckland. Expert help for relationship problems and sexual difficulties. Is there any way I can get free relationship counselling? The NZ Association of Counsellors has a directory of members which you can search.

Often the way in which you communicate with each other can play a part in your problems and your counsellor can help you understand how to improve this. Sometimes underlying issues or concerns such as unresolved arguments or historical experiences might be contributing to the problem and your counsellor will help you to explore these other factors that you may not have realised were relevant.

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Individual sessions or couples sessions Couples counselling sessions usually occur with both of you present. However, individual sessions might be beneficial when one partner has struggles that exist independently of the relationship such as anxiety or depression. You might want to do the individual sessions with the same therapist or you may find it helpful to see a different therapist where these issues can be kept separate from the joint counselling.

relationship therapist auckland

Confidentiality Confidentiality in couples therapy is slightly different to individual therapy. In individual therapy everything between client and counsellor is confidential. In couples sessions information is usually considered confidential between both partners and the counsellor: Everything said to your counsellor will be treated as common knowledge.

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Read more about confidentiality in couples therapy. How many sessions do we need? The number of sessions needed varies for every couple.

Each appointment is 60 minutes long and sessions usually occur weekly if possible. Whilst there are some models of couples therapy that claim to resolve relationship issues in X number of sessions, the reality is that every couple is unique in their struggles and there is no magic number that suits all.

Subsequently, the amount of sessions will vary. We have an open ended approach to therapy and will be available for as long as you want, until you feel that your relationship has improved to how you want it to be.

Breaking up amicably Sometimes it is just time to end it. Perhaps there has been too much hurt and damage.

relationship therapist auckland

Maybe you have realised that you are just too fundamentally different. Breaking up is a painful process and emotions often run high making it difficult to see things clearly or objectively. Whilst many people are glad to see the back of their ex-partner, sometimes there are reasons for ongoing contact, most commonly when children are involved.

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As you begin to understand more fully how you both felt the hurt or anger can begin to dissipate and an amicable relationship becomes possible. Couples counselling can provide a safe place to have these conversations with the therapist there to help you both hear things properly and understand things more clearly.

The only way to truly move through the hurt or anger is to increase your understanding. Couples often hope that things will eventually get better on their own, or attribute the relationship problems to external factors such as work stress.

Many mistakenly believe that every couple has problems like this and they just need to accept how things are. Beliefs such as these can mean that professional help is dismissed or delayed which, subsequently, can make separation or divorce increasingly likely.

Marriage and relationship counselling is powerful tool couples can use when they experience challenges. An experienced marriage counsellor and mediator will work with couples to overcome the obstacles to a happy relationship by helping them to come to an understanding of their differences in a constructive way. The journey through marital and couple counselling will add a deeper meaning and strength to your relationship and potentially give you the tools to save your marriage.

Back to top How Relationship Counselling works Marriage and relationship counselling is completely private and confidential. The counsellor does not take sides, and provides a safe and comfortable environment for continued discussion and professional support. These counselling sessions are usually a combination of individual and joint sessions. Back to top Counselling for sexual and intimacy issues Many people believe that sex is about performance or personal achievement, or they see it as a duty they have to perform.

Sex and intimacy should be none of these, it is about having an intimate connection on an emotional and physical level, about building a deep trust that gives you the freedom to be who you are. Through healthy sex and intimacy you can communicate your love and unconditional trust and acceptance of your partner in your own unique way.

relationship therapist auckland

Intimacy and sex is a vital means of spiritual and physical communication and should be seen as a celebration of your lives together as a couple. We all know how important right communication is for relationships to work.

relationship therapist auckland

Sexual disharmony is cause for much frustration and disappointment in many marriages and partnerships. Fear of intimacy and sexual problems are a result of many things including low self-image, a negative or traumatic sexual history, and low sex drive due to raising children.

relationship therapist auckland