Repairing a relationship after alcoholism

Rebuilding a Relationship After Addiction | Casa Palmera

repairing a relationship after alcoholism

It is no secret that drug or alcohol addiction can damage the body and impair the mind. One night after dinner James put on his coat and announced to his wife, “ I'm Either way, the relationship may be damaged—sometimes beyond repair. 3 Ways to Repair Relationships Through Recovery . It would seem that year after year, the U.S. drug and alcohol addiction problem has only. Read about some tips for repairing relationships after addiction. Trevor is a freelance writer and recovering addict & alcoholic whose been.

As an addict, however, she continued to abuse drugs and alcohol to numb the pain she felt, and the distress she felt about her duplicity only made the addiction worse. Things got so bad, in fact, that she had to leave home, spent extended periods living out of hotel rooms, and would even go for weeks at a time without seeing her young son.

5 Tips to Repairing Relationships after Rehab - Addiction Campuses

Things are better now for Valerie, and she credits the positive changes in her life to Narconon. After completing the program at the Narconon Arrowhead center in Oklahoma, Valerie has reunited with her son and is helping others to make the same types of changes that she did.

She has, furthermore, gone to great lengths to repair the relationships that her addiction to drugs and alcohol had ruined. For one thing, she has gotten honest about what was going on in her life.

Rebuilding Relationships in Early Recovery

People who are living as addicts usually become estranged from their loved ones as they find that they have to be more and more secretive about what is really going on. In effect, she told the truth to everyone that she was previously working with at the airline. Repairing the Damage Done and Learning to Truly Communicate Doing what Valerie did takes courage and is just one step towards repairing relationships and trust that are lost because of addiction.

You can love and forgive someone without trusting. For example, it is one thing to forgive an apologetic jewel thief and quite another thing to leave him alone in a jewelry store. Likewise, you can forgive a person recovering from alcoholism who asks for forgiveness.

But it takes time, honesty, good choices and continued sobriety to regain trust. Learning to Forgive Forgiveness is not a mental exercise.

3 Ways to Repair Relationships Through Recovery

Rather it is a determined change of heart by those who have been hurt. It means not letting resentments steal your peace or rob your future. Forgiveness is not a natural thing to do. It is very hard, but it is the only thing that releases others from their shame and restores the possibility of trust and intimacy.

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Show up for the baseball practice. Make surprise dinner reservations.

repairing a relationship after alcoholism

Leave a handwritten card on the countertop. Attend Meetings Getting involved in support groups or outpatient treatment after rehab shows that you are serious about your sobriety — which you should be.

repairing a relationship after alcoholism

Attending meetings will also help you to connect with others going through the same process of repairing relationships after addiction. Support or advice from others in the same situation can go a long way — and keep you on track.

While you were in treatment and recovering, they continued living the same way they did when you left. Just as healing at rehab took time for you, repairing relationships will take time for them.

Be patient and realize that it will take time to earn their trust again.

repairing a relationship after alcoholism

This patience and your ability to stay humble throughout the process will make it easier. Unfortunately, not every relationship will fully recover.

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  • Rebuilding a Relationship After Addiction
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In some circumstances, the resentment held towards you may run too deep, and the friendship, marriage or relationship may not be salvageable. Repairing the connection with those you love and care for will take hard work and time — and in the end will help you stay on your path to recovery and committed to your new, sober life. We respect your privacy.

repairing a relationship after alcoholism