Roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

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roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

Feb 6, Kinski used once to rhapsodise about her relationship with her mother: "She's like the sun coming up to me. Nastassja Kinski in Roman Polanski's Tess KOBAL COLLECTION . But I have a real problem sleeping properly. Sep 26, On March 10, , director Roman Polanski raped Samantha Geimer, When he was arrested again four years ago, I knew it meant trouble. . There were rumors at the time that Polanski had an affair with Nastassja Kinski. Jan 30, Forty years ago this week, Roman Polanski went from being one of the most . Johnny Depp said, apparently unaware of the child-rape issue. . In , he met Nastassja Kinski and, according to his autobiography, slept with her. .. Even if Allen is innocent of any criminal conduct; his affair with Mia.

Well, we've been together for quite a while -- 25 years. And we've also made a few films together already.

roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

When you work with someone with whom you're also in a relationship, you have to be stricter and tougher with that person. Unfortunately, I can't do my wife any special favors during a film shoot. The film depicts a duel of sorts between an actress and a director.

Is that a situation with which you're familiar? The film doesn't delve into our intimate relationship. It's more of a satire. It's ironic and sarcastic.

roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

To be honest, we laughed a lot during filming. In "Venus in Fur," the actress says to the director: It's your job to torture actors. I've certainly tortured actors in time -- not intentionally, of course. But sometimes actors have trouble accepting their role, especially men.

Men don't really like to follow instructions. There's no problem with directing women. With men, everyone wants to be the leader. I see that you understand what I'm saying.

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That's why I've always gotten along well with women. It was already the case with my second film, "Repulsion," starring Catherine Deneuve. With her, it was like a tango. The same was true of Mia Farrow in "Rosemary's Baby. I nearly came to a halt. Sinatra didn't like the fact that his wife was in a film that you were directing, and he kept showing up on the set.

Until the day he sent his attorney to the set to serve Mia with divorce papers. I think she really loved him. She was crying when she called me over and said: Could it be that you get along better with actresses because there is often a sort of sexual tension between a director and an actress?

You were also together with Nastassja Kinski, a teenager at the time, when you filmed "Tess" with her in Are my women the only thing that interests you for your article? You're the one who has just made a film about the relationship between a director and an actress, and about sex and power. Isn't it a justified assumption that all of this would also have something to do with you and your life? Don't try to find phony reasons to ask me these questions.

I'm a big boy. I had purely professional relationships with most of the actresses, practically all of them, in fact -- with the exception of Emmanuelle, Sharon and maybe Nastassja. Nastassja and I were no longer together when I filmed "Tess. I met her during the filming of "The Fearless Vampire Killers.

You fell in love. Right at the beginning, when we were filming in the Dolomites. You write in your autobiography that you took LSD together and listened to music, and that that was how you got together. It was before we started filming. Of course, we didn't take any LSD during filming. How did it come about that Roman Polanski wanted to photograph you in ? My older sister's boyfriend knew him from Hollywood circles.

That was how he met my mother at a party. Roman told her that he was looking for young girls to photograph for the French edition of Vogue. My sister's boyfriend suggested me, which is how Roman came to our house. He brought along the photos he had taken of Nastassja Kinski for Vogue. But then it was all clear. They were erotic photos of a year-old girl. I thought they were beautiful.

I wanted to be an actress. Apparently it all worked out pretty well for Nastassja. Had you already heard about Polanski before then? I knew that he had directed the film "Chinatown. But I knew that Roman Polanski was important. Did you know about the tragedies in his life? About his parents, who were in concentration camps? About his mother, who died in Auschwitz?

About the eight-year-old boy who fled on his own? About Sharon Tate, who was carrying his unborn child when she was brutally murdered by the Charles Manson gang?

roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

I didn't find about all that until later. It's all so gruesome. You met him eight years after the murder of Sharon Tate. He wanted to take test shots of you. Your mother had agreed to that? But when she wanted to come along, Roman said it wasn't such a good idea. The two of us walked up the street behind our house, and he started taking pictures. At some point he asked me to change my top. I wasn't wearing a bra, because I didn't need one yet, and I turned away from him to change.

The funny thing was that he kept taking pictures. And then he asked me to turn around. Didn't that seem strange to you? The world was different then. I grew up at a time when year-old Jodie Foster played a prostitute in "Taxi Driver.

roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

The sexualization of girls my age was mainstream. That's why it didn't seem very odd. I know how strange that sounds today. Did you tell your mother about the topless pictures afterwards? Somehow I knew that I shouldn't have done that. But, anyway I didn't expect that Roman would be photographing me again. He didn't seem all that taken with me. But he came back. Two or three weeks later. I wasn't crazy about it, because I knew that it wasn't right the first time.

On the other hand, I still wanted to be in Vogue. We picked out some clothes, and he said that we would go to a friend's house and take some real pictures there.

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And your mother wasn't concerned? He was this powerful, famous director, someone who also had a reputation to lose. There were rumors at the time that Polanski had an affair with Nastassja Kinski.

roman polanski nastassja kinski relationship problems

We know that today. I didn't know it back then. Did you know Nicholson? I knew that he had been in "Chinatown. Nicholson wasn't home either. Polanski asked me if I wanted some champagne. Had you ever drunk alcohol before? Maybe a glass on New Year's Eve. But I had no sense of how much to drink.

Later, Polanski offered me a Quaalude pill. He asked me if I knew what it was.