Socionics infp entj relationship

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socionics infp entj relationship

ENTjs are not as inclined to compare and verify concepts as INFps. . ENTjs tend to be more linear in their relationship progression than INFps, and ENTjs. You are not complementary, first of all you're both Intuitive, then perfect complementary are (Dual relationships): INFp + ESTp - ENTj + ISFj. First, change your way of thinking. No one should just be 'surviving' a marriage. If your marriage is not enhancing your life, rethink it, and do so in an open.

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I have to argue a bit about what the word 'supervision' means here. Some people use that word to mean that someone is watching over you and protecting you. But the socionics relation called 'supervision' might have been 'lost in translation. They had difficulty deciding what word to call it. So whatever that relation is, it might not mean the same thing that 'supervision' suggests in your mind.

socionics infp entj relationship

I've had some experiences with 'the bad kind' of supervision relationships. The situation is worst whenever somebody actually has power over you, like a boss at work. You have to obey what they tell you to do.

socionics infp entj relationship

However, because of the socionic functions, you are going to disagree strongly with a lot of the things they require you to do, and you will see what looks like these big, obvious weaknesses about them, or else they will seem like just a horribly cruel and insane person who's abusing you for no reason - it depends on whether your type is the 'top' or the 'bottom' of the socionic relation.

The thing is that we get along very well as friends, he is right most of times and he has the perfect rational explanation no matter what I say. I like having long intelectual conversations with him and he seems to have a dominant role, I kinda feel like a student around him, and emotional, and sensitive, but he is very tactful and generous and he never makes me wanna withdrawn, even more the fact that I feel a sort of acceptance from him regarding my feeling side, I get better control of it, paradoxically I become more rational, more aware and more attuned with what needs to be done.

We worked in the same field - IT software development, he was my boss.

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I come of pretty dominant at first and very extroverted at times and downright logical and coldbut this is because I have plenty life experience so I had to develop these functions aswell. She has to be my equal, she has to have weak spots, and she has to embrace my dominance, specially sexual. In the middle of this how can I maintain a dominant role, very important to my balance?

socionics infp entj relationship

Deep down I realize that I need a lot of guidance from a woman in the TJ area but in doing so somehow I feel that I have to ignore some of my true nature. Sympathy and able to stand still to listen to you. There is huge conflict in thought with this type.

They perceive terminology as well as actions of other people as part of the subjective concept inseparable from personal opinion, position, intent, etc. In contrast to ENTjs who perceive terminology as "objective," INFps understand personal differences behind terminology this applies even to well established terms and they attempt to compare and verify them.

When something is perceived by INFps as being incorrect, they are more likely than ENTjs to ask why it was done that way.

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ENTjs tend to judge their available options by how likely the option will help them reach their goal. If a choice no longer helps ENTjs reach their goals, it will be dismissed and discontinued.

socionics infp entj relationship

On the other hand, INFps prefer to continue pursuing their current option, opting to adjust their ultimate goal in order to fit the current choice. ENTjs are often more cognizant of their outwards appearance and are thus better at presenting themselves than INFps. INFps' energy levels tend to improve when they're alone whereas ENTjs' energy levels increase when they're interacting with larger groups.

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ENTjs are more likely than INFps to perceive and distinguish themselves primarily through personal qualities. ENTjs tend to be more active and initiating with others where as INFps tend to be more passive and less initiating. INFps are inclined to use already prepared, preformulated methods and processes to solve a problem. ENTjs attitude towards a specific person more so than INFps is based on their personal characteristics authority, intellect, personal achievements, etc. ENTjs recognize superiority of certain individuals drawing from their personal qualities When solving a problem, ENTjs are more inclined than INFps to solve it by relying predominantly on only the presently available information.

Essentially, ENTjs will develop a process or method uniquely fitted towards the present problem, and this method is designed using the present conditions and information.

socionics infp entj relationship

INFps are more often focused on their thoughts and feelings where as ENTjs are more often focused on their surroundings. ENTjs assume that these can have only one unique interpretation the "correct" interpretationand ENTjs often do not think about the fact that the other person may be interpreting them differently.

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Much more than INFps, ENTjs apply concepts such as "objective reality," "unequivocal facts," and de-emphasize concepts; ENTjs consider that they know the "right" way of doing things, how something "truly is," etc. ENTjs tend to internally combine emotional exchanges with other activities rather than separating them out like INFps.

INFps are more likely to internally separate out having fun with other activities, although the two can be interchanged at a high frequency.