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sonic 2 3d ending relationship

Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series created by TMS Entertainment and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega. .. In , near the end of the show's American production, Haigney stated in an . the stories of the original games, especially Sonic's and Amy's relationship and the. USgamer takes a look at the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and decides Mario Party is already responsible for lost and broken relationships, due . On the other end, Sonic embraces the 3D space, and runs along the world. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 were the very best of Sega doing . Sonic mostly sat out the Sega Saturn era while his rival, Mario, defined 3D 'Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU .

After several challenging obstacles, Sonic finds and confronts Erazor Djinn. It is the player's decision whether he wants to go on to find the last world ring or face Erazor.

Sonic says the last world ring seems to be "sealed with sadness" and Shahra reveals he is the genie from Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. After a heated battle, Erazor is defeated by Sonic. However, before he can be completely defeated, he escapes through a door and proceeds to lock it.

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The lock can only be opened by the seven World Rings, so Sonic returns to the different worlds of the Arabian Nights to locate the remaining rings. After Sonic collects the rings, the door opens and a "Last Chapter" is revealed as another mission under Night Palace. In the last story, Erazor convinces Shahra to give him the seven World Rings that she and Sonic have collected. Shahra complies and reveals that she and Erazor were once together and that she wants to be back with him.

Sonic rubs his ring and commands Shahra to do what she "feels is right", causing her mind to crack at the two different choices she wants to make. Erazor tries to sacrifice Sonic, the collector of the World Rings, in order to gain their full power and gain the abilities of the creator.

However, Shahra blocks Erazor's blade and is struck down in Sonic's place. As Shahra dies in his arms, Sonic makes one final wish for Shahra to grant - asking her to "not die, and for things to go back to the way they were".

Although she does not have the power to grant the wish, the mysterious relic she gave to Sonic returns to its original state. However, his transformation is not complete as he is required to sacrifice and absorb Sonic, the collector of the Rings. Suddenly, three of the World Rings Sadness, Rage, and Hate, which were his feelings at the time infuse with Sonic, causing him to undergo a radical transformation into a new form: After a vicious battle, Sonic destroys Alf Layla wa-Layla and Erazor is returned to his original state as well as Sonic.

Sonic, now controlling Erazor with his lamp, wishes to bring Shahra back to life, return the world back to normal, and for Erazor to be sealed away in the lamp forever. Erazor is forced by the power of the lamp to grant Sonic's wishes, even though he expresses a denial to do so, after which, he is sealed in his lamp forever during the credits, there appears to be a shot of Sonic throwing Erazor's lamp into the lava pit from which the Ifrit Golem emerges from.

Shahra, though back to life, is still overcome with grief from her earlier betrayal of Sonic. Sonic understands this, and wishes for mountains of handkerchiefs so she can cry for as long as she needs to, touchingly alluding to the start of the story.

After the credits roll, Shahra, as the narrator, says that Sonic ran endlessly until he found his way back to his own world.

He is said to have had many adventures along the way, some with Ali Baba and Sinbad, but Shahra states that these stories are "for another time".

She then bids a touching farewell to Sonic, the "Legendary Hedgehog". After the second credits roll, a cutscene is seen where the Arabian Nights book shows the beginning of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp". The title changes into "Sonic and the Secret Rings". Gameplay General Game Guide and Secrets Enemies scattered throughout the game are described as "spirits". Each enemy has different attributes depending on their predominant color. Purple and green enemies are normal enemies and have no special attributes while red enemies can spew fire in a rotary or linear motion.

To defeat some of these enemies, Sonic will need to make usage of some of the skills that will be available to him as the game progresses. Controls In Adventure mode, players control Sonic with the Wii Remote by holding the controller sideways with both hands and will be able to use the controller in unique ways that take advantage of the Wii Remote's control mechanisms.

Unlike other Sonic games, in which Sonic is controlled directly, Secret Rings features an indirect "on-rails" method of control in which Sonic moves forward automatically in a semi-linear path.

Sonic's movement can be controlled by tilting the controller left or right. Abilities Sonic has special moves that can be both customized and combined to suit certain situations. Sonic can use some of new skills throughout each of the stages in this game. With special skills equipped, Sonic can perform new moves, his existing moves are improved, and certain effects are bestowed.

sonic 2 3d ending relationship

For instance, one defensive move enables Sonic to, upon sustaining damage, lose only ten rings instead of the usual twenty. Another increases the range of his homing attack, and a third grants him the ability to back flip. A fourth grants him a Soul Gauge with which to perform super moves.

There is also an Experience Point and leveling system, in which the player's score, collected Fire Souls and some skills contribute towards increasing the player's level. Leveling up grants the player more points with which to equip skills, a higher cap on the number of rings you can hold and an increased Soul Gauge. Players have to, before selecting a stage, decide which skills would be best-suited for the respective mission and equip certain skills over others.

Since there are so many skills, players may customize one of the four "Skill Rings" available, so they do not have to select all the skills they need each time they enter a new level. When Sonic's Soul Gauge is sufficiently full, using the D-pad enables Sonic to use one of two abilities.

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All this would lead up to Sonics return to Knothole in issue 50, where Sonic clears his name and heads to a final showdown with Robotnik. As the issue notes, Sonic is uncharacteristically devoid of humor as he approaches Robotnik. In the end, Sonic emerges victorious and Robotnik dies. Sonic later revives Sally with a kiss. Story lines continue to follow after the End Game saga. Ixis Nagaus makes his first appearance in issue Although temporarily defeated, he would later return in issues 64 through 66, along with the appearance of Nate Morgan, former adviser of King Acorn, and Ixis would be defeated this time by Ultra Sonic, one of Sonics transformations.

Issue 75 reveals that an alternate version of Robotnik that Sonic faced in issue 19, known as Robo-Robotnik, survived the last encounter and killed his dimension's Sonic, and after learning about the original Robotnik's death in issue 50, decided to fill out the void in both his and Sonic Prime's life by traveling to Sonic's world sometime in between issues 51 and 62, and taking over Robotnik Prime's place. His presence is revealed by flashbacks to certain issues between issues 50 and Sonic and the Freedom Fighters head to space to battle this Robo Robotnik, and although they defeat him, there are many other bodies standing in line.

Robo-Robotnik went into one shaped funny and became who is now Sonic's familiar enemy, Dr. Sonic Adventure was readily adapted into the series with the appearance of Chaos, beginning in issue The saga ends with Sonic successfully defeating Perfect Chaos, the final form of Chaos after absorbing all of the emeralds, by transforming into Super Sonic in issue Sonic does not actually destroy Chaos, as Chaos returns to his ancient beginnings to live in peace.

The next two issues 86 and 87 feature the return of Metal Sonic first seen in Sonic the Hedgehog issue 25 and once again in the Knuckles Chaotix Special. Despite being able to defeat Sonic and Tails with ease, Metal Sonic realizes he can be more than his programming and sacrifices himself to save Sonic and Tails from a lava flow.

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Sonic Adventure 2 comes into adaptation for one issue 98 featuring Shadow the Hedgehog. The majority of the issue leads up to the events of the game and brings back Silver Sonic II, only to have him destroyed by Shadow. In issueSonic's latest battle with the Xorda leaves him stranded in space after saving Knothole from the Quantum Dialwhile everyone on Mobius assumed him to be dead.

Sonic's journey through space leads up to many interesting story lines, such as the return of Super Sonic in issueand his discovery that Tails' parents are still alive on a far off planet. Sonic returns in issue where he reveals to everyone that he is indeed alive and well.

sonic 2 3d ending relationship

Issues through introduce a side story line taking place 25 years in the future. In this future, Sonic is king of Knothole and married to Sally. Knuckles has attained the rank of Guardian and is unofficially married to Julie Su. However, all is not well as the timeline is in danger of collapsing into destruction.

Sonic and Knuckles try with the help of Rotor to prevent this catastrophe. Sonic ends up saving the universe, but it is, unfortunately, reset with alterations, which are seen in issues and Issue features the return of Shadow, who continues to be a player, fighting both Sonic and a newly created Metal Sonic, in issues through This arc heavily touched on the history of Mobius from the original conflict with the Xorda on Earth to prehistoric Mobius.

Shadow reappears again in issues throughas well as later issues. In issues to Knuckles was tricked by Dr. Finetevus into becoming Enerjak with the help of Scourge and The Destructix.

Robotnik created a Metal Scourge to aid Metal Sonic in fighting the two hedgehog twins. Sonic and Amy invaded Scourge's Moebius and in the hopes that Amy's evil double will help oust Scourge. Miles Tails' duplicate made a deal with the Freedom Fighters to have Scourge overthrown. Then things got crazy with Silver entering the series for the first time, Shadow appearing in Scourge's universe trying to find Chaos Emeralds and Eggman sending a Metal Sonic.

In the all-out hedgehog brawl that ensued, Scourge used the power of the Anarchy Beryl the Anti-Chaos Emerald to make himself invulnerable, but Sonic deceived and defeated him. In issueEggman goes insane after his defeat at Sonic, but returns to normal around 10 issues later. But the conquest was short-lived, and when the Iron Queen was defeated, Snively freed Eggman from prison in order to save his skin. In this saga, Sonic finds himself in Green Hill Zone where he finds animals are being captured and imprisoned by an evil genius named Dr.

Robotnik and his co-worker, Snively. Sally convinced Sonic to join them on the same mission to defeat Robotnik, to which Sonic accepted. Upon arriving at Scrap Brain Zonethey discovered Robotnik and made a quick victory, but later discovered that the mad scientist was still alive.

sonic 2 3d ending relationship

Sonic then met a young fox named Miles Prower, but Miles preferred the name "Tails". He joined the Freedom Fighters in the second quest to locate Robotnik, where it was discovered that the Oil Ocean Refinery needed to be shut down, as it was used to power Robotnik's Death Egg Mark 2.

Sonic journeyed off to the Metropolis Zone despite Sally's pleas along with Tails. Robotnik as Super Sonic using Chaos Energy that powered the battle-station.

Enabling Chaos Control, the world began to reset back to the present time of Issue Eggman reset time with his Death Egg Mark 2and eventually at the end, all memory was restored. Eggman almost lost his sanity again, thus revealing that Eggman's mind is on a very short string.

sonic 2 3d ending relationship

Instead of giving in to madness, though, Eggman tried to fire the Death Egg, which would have destroyed all machines on the planet. Sally foiled his scheme, but was roboticized in the process.

Around the same time Eggman unveiled his new Death Egg, Ixis Naugus returned and demanded that he be made king due to the fact that King Maximillian had technically handed his crown over to him while in the Zone of Silence. With help from Geoffrey St.

John and by fighting against the Death Egg, Naugus gained the favor of most of the Mobians and was declared king. Naugus then secretly helped Dr. The attack left Antoine D'Coolette in a coma and Bunny left to fight on her own, putting an end to the original Freedom Fighters. In response, Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Rotor formed two new teams.