The railway man ending relationship

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the railway man ending relationship

His autobiography “The Railway Man” was published in , half a century after his ordeal. The war ended in , but not the torments of former POW's. thus ensues except this one leads to a long-term relationship. Explore The Railway Man true story vs. the Colin Firth movie. Soon after, Eric officially ended his marriage with Nan and married Patti in "It was hard,". The Railway Man () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more From the moment we see Eric and Patty meet to the emotional ending,I could not bring myself to look away or .. Not surprisingly, it threatened to ruin his second marriage.

Lomax died last October, aged His wife was clearly his rock; facing the press at the San Sebastian Film Festival, she succumbs to just that one tearful moment.

the railway man ending relationship

He was a Royal Signals officer when he was captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore and put to work in the Thai jungle. Then he was discovered to be part of a group of canny Brits who had constructed a radio out of scrap, thus convincing the Japanese officers that Lomax must be the ringleader of some kind of insurrectionary plot.

They were determined to torture it out of him.

the railway man ending relationship

And during the water torture, for instance, Eric's arms were broken, he had been beaten beforehand and his hip was broken,'' says his wife. She speaks calmly now; this is well-trodden ground. Water-boarding, she says, was worse than anything else.

And that's just as relevant now. Graham Tidy Part of his journey to recovery involved working with a British charitable institution called Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, where he talked to Iraqi refugees and young soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Veterans get less help now than ever, she says. But if they have seen terrible things that left their minds affected then they're left on their own, unless help comes from a charity. He spotted Patti Wallace consulting a map on the intercity to Edinburgh and decided she was a kindred spirit; they married inwhen he was already 62 and she was His previous marriage had foundered under the pressure of his appalling nightmares, mood swings and erratic behaviour; Patti gradually realised this was his personal war legacy and determined to help him through it.

Even so, she often felt like leaving too.

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He didn't trust anybody, not even me. Nevertheless, she was able to persuade him to let her write to a psychiatrist studying former prisoners of war, initiating a long process of recovery.

Eric gradually realised that he was being different and that he would lose me. He cared enough, although he didn't express it, to try and receive help.

The Railway Man (2014)

In fact, it was only probably that I really realised he did feel deeply about me. Here be spoilers The Railway Man is based on a true story, the memoir of Eric Lomax, who, after the British army surrender in Singapore in World War II, was taken as a prisoner of war of the Japanese army and forced to work in constructing the ill-fated Burma-Siam railway in Thailand.

Colin Firth is excellent as Lomax, capturing his middle-aged decency and apparent diffidence as the film starts off in the s. This masks, as we find out, his inner steely determination. He is, and always has been, a true railway obsessive, knowing national timetables and connections like the back of his hand.

A chance meeting, appropriately on a train, leads to romance with Patti, the woman who becomes his wife Nicole Kidman unrecognisable in a brunette wig and flawless English accent.

the railway man ending relationship

The railway setting almost has echoes of Brief Encounter and their conversation shows us he is also capable of quiet humour. But after their marriage, horrific flashbacks start of his time as prisoner of war, something the former British army officer has never spoken about and still cannot. Jeremy Irvine is also excellent as the young Lomax is earnest and upright — and clearly a geek, as he would be called now — mirroring the mannerisms of the older Lomax.

The Japanese guards make use of his skills as an engineer, and he also uses this access to steal parts and build a crude radio on which the men in his hut listen to the BBC news.

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When the radio is discovered, four are subjected to a minute beating with pickaxe handles — a prolonged unpleasant scene — from which two die. Even after he has seen the first man picked at random and beaten unconscious, he takes his glasses off, placing them carefully out of the way, and volunteers for his own beating, hoping to save the others. Flash forward, and middle-aged Lomax reads in a newspaper that Nagase is still alive, having escaped execution as a war criminal.

The camp has been turned into a museum and he is working as the museum tourist guide.