The war of mine ending a relationship

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the war of mine ending a relationship

This War of Mine gamified the struggle for survival, asking players to tend to pick, the outcome is going to end up badly, it's going to be a tragic choice. . If you start with the child and the grandmother, there is a relationship. relationship manifests itself in two of their best-known novels, Howards End .. Third Reich and the war that Woolf prefigures so vividly in her final novel. Increase your chances with these great mods for This War of Mine. that you wonder whether you will end up as a particularly eerie popsicle.

This is what we're doing in the little ones. What was the biggest challenge for the team in adding children as an element?

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I think the biggest challenge was keeping the balance, and then also keeping the realism, because when the child would be just another civilian that couldn't be helpful, such child would become a burden. That would be horrible because, as a parent and as a normal person, you know the child is innocent. You would take care about him or her no matter what. But still as a parent, I know that the child can be the most valuable part of your life and can cheer you up, even if you are deeply sad.

Hugging a child, that means more than anything else.

the war of mine ending a relationship

We wanted to put this innocence and joy in and yet make the children as a real human person rather than just a resource. We had to balance it heavily and it took a lot of time. The other thing was the realism, because you may know that for the basic This War of Mine, we scanned images of ourselves, our friends and family members, to have realistic-looking civilians.

Not models, not actors, but realistic people. The same situation applied to kids, so we 3D scanned in our own children. My daughter is in the game. Then when we were doing the mock-up session I would not say it was difficult, but different, because kids don't focus and run and play.

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It was a different experience to make the mock up session. Anyway, doing it was really interesting, but then seeing child in the game made me feel a value beyond the game.

Because it's an engaging experience. You engage your emotions and so on. But still, you describe it as a game or a digital experience or digital story. We all know it and we all define it that way. Then when you see your own child being wounded in a game or sieged, you start to think about it as something bigger than a digital experience, as something related to reality.

That's something that makes you think about war more than you would just do normally. That was our goal and ironically, we reached the goal even on ourselves because we wanted to spread the message that war can happen any time anywhere.

When it happens, you're just a human on your own. How do your children feel about that? Do they know the context of the game? My daughter was five back then. She knew she was going to be in the game, but since this game is for adults, I'm not going to show it to her. I think I don't compare myself to a great artist like Steven Spielberg because I'm surely not that skilled.

I'm just some small game developer from Poland and he's one of the biggest directors of our time. Maybe this is an urban legend but he told it to the girl who plays in Schindler's List that she shouldn't watch it before she's Maybe this is a real story. But the story says that she watched Schindler's List when she was 13 and that was really shocking for her.

Then she watched it again when she was already Then she understood the message. I think it's a pretty similar situation. I'm not sure that a six-year-old would get the point behind the game and I don't want to show it to her. I want to protect her from what's bad in the world until she's ready to understand it, to be ready to defend herself from it. In the game, children can't pick locks, they can't cook, they can't open certain doors or break down barricades.

There's a lot that they need to ask adults to do for them, like give them medicine or a bandage. What else can't they do and why did you decide to restrict what children can do?

Children can be taught the simplest things. That would be coloring, collecting water, making water filters, cooking, collecting snow in winter, growing herbs The more complicated the activity, so to speak, it needs to be done by adults only. Child can be helpful, still it's the child, so you need to take care about it. However, the most important thing in the background is that there is a relationship between the child and the protector. If you start with the child and the grandmother, there is a relationship between them.

If the grandmother feels badly for whatever reason, the child may cheer up the grandmother much more efficiently than any other civilian in the shelter.

the war of mine ending a relationship

When the grandmother dies or the father or grandfather, whoever is the protector, you can pick any other civilian to become a protector and develop a relationship with the child, but it's based just on the number of things they do together. During a playthrough, some other civilian may become a protector as well if he or she takes care of the child more and more often. The child can be the most valuable one to boost spirits. But as a gamer, you may also create a swing for the child and other toys.

A child can make some things for themselves, but just the simple things. In my first playthrough, I didn't really know that I had to talk to my child very frequently and my child went catatonic and stayed in one spot on the floor for a very long time. I didn't pay attention to him and I spent the rest of my game trying to make him better. On that note, the child was only taking up resources and it was very frustrating. Why did you choose to really stress players make time for emotional connection and physical attention with this child throughout the game?

Well because that's how it works. It's really easy for me to understand. I'm already a father of two. My daughter is such, if I really don't talk to her often, she gets angry at me.

She really needs it. If I don't do that, I miss it. It's a sort of natural relationship. And I'm a big, tall, strong guy, I'm really not afraid of anything in this world. I'm just afraid of things that could happen to my family. If anything bad would happen, I would totally do everything for my kids while I wouldn't be worried about myself because I can take care of myself. We wanted to represent these strong relationships between adults and children.

However, I totally can imagine that when a child loses family, it's not easy to develop a new relationship between a child and some other adult. In terms of difficulty or challenge, would you consider This War of Mine a little bit tougher from a gaming perspective with the addition of the children?

I don't think so. I think if you know the experience, it's broader, but not easier and not tougher. Broader because of the emotions. Kids can be angry, too. An adult could be broken, angry, feel helplessness while kids become catatonic if you don't care about them.

But when the kids are in a good mood, they can run around the shelter and play. Children bring innocence and joy to this world because despite war, kids are still kids. As the writer, what was the most difficult or challenging part of The Little Ones to write? Understanding how children talk and behave.

That's even not necessarily just for writing. If you think about how a small girl runs, she moves differently.

She's not waving her arms left and right, but just keeps them down low, and that's just how small children run. The bigger they are, the more their moves are similar to how an adult moves. Then when comparing this to writing, we kind of recalled our own children and what they do. When they are idle, they get bored and they talk to themselves.

That may happen in The Little Ones. That's something totally unrelated to the events outside, the war and bombings. After Irina comes back the shelter, Lydia always yells at Irina and run into Irina's arm. Irina's brother, Evgeni who left for help has huge influence on her personality. According to your choices in the story, her story and ending are closely related to her brother.

Character Story "This place is definitely better than the street, but I wish we could still live in the house Evgeni built for his family. It was small, but so nice! And the garden was just delightful. I used to spend most of my free time there when I moved in.

the war of mine ending a relationship

He's really resourceful, I'm sure he'll be back soon. His wife was mad to leave him. Perhaps she had been right when she said it would be best for them to move to the country, but who knew what was coming? Well, were she mine, I'd be doting over her too.

I try not to spoil her too much, but Evgeni should go about finding someone suitable, and soon.

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She needs a proper mother. Lydia is beside herself and I just don't know how to appease her anymore. Well, we can only carry on and wait some more We used to live in a really nice house my brother built, and to move here This isn't a proper place for a child, although it's better than freezing in the street, I guess.

I just hope I can make it a bit more bearable with some plants. Why hasn't he returned yet?