Thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

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thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

When taking into account Thor and Loki's relationship, it is, obviously, at its best when Loki isn't the outright villain forth between sides in future films, those brotherly moments now fall a bit flat Best of friends and brothers, Thor () . He loves Thor and returns to Asgard at the end of Ragnarok to help. Thor movie ending relationship. After the Credits Just like Iron Man 2 had a stinger after the credits setting up Thor, there is an extra scene after the credits. Throughout the Thor and The Avengers movies, there are instances where bond, Loki then betrays Thor, and then Loki redeems himself by the end. .. The final act of 's Thor sees the dramatic collapse of the Bifröst.

Meanwhile, Loki is able to shape-shift and can fool all the Avengers. However, why does he go through with this? His actual motivations throughout the movie - and almost every other movie that he's appeared in - are vague to say the least. It seems that Loki is often a second thought in each movie - his character is always moulded to fit a specific storyline or plot. Ragnarok, Thor noted that Loki once transformed himself into a snake and stabbed Thor once he picked the creature up.

Thor was only eight when this happened which, while funny, makes no sense.

While this is closer to what we see in the comics, it casts a different light on the version of Loki we see in the movies. After all, Thor was mourning the loss of his brother when it was discovered that the God of Mischief was still alive. Meanwhile, Loki hates Thor for being next in line for the throne of Asgard. This fully manifests itself in Thor: While it is interesting to see their relationship develop, the switch between the two being serious and funny seems to come from nowhere.

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To many fans, he portray's Odin perfectly. Tom Hiddleston uses his English accent to bring a touch of class to Loki, who oozes charisma. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor, perfects to use a rough and deep English accent, which demands respect and emphasises his authority.

If it were not for the dispute over who would take the throne, Loki would never have turned on Thor. However, the logic of the Asgardian hierarchy is never properly explained, or at least not to Loki. Loki convinces himself that this is the case, even when he was unaware that he was a Frost Giant and therefore ineligible. Despite the bridge being the only way to travel between the two planets, we still see Thor and Loki on Earth in The Avengers.

However, this begs the question: Hemsworth's brother, Liam also auditioned for the role, but was passed on by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

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Donald Blake, would not be included. The consultation resulted in a change in Jane Foster's profession, from nurse to particle physicist, and the terminology Einstein-Rosen bridge to describe the Bifrost Bridge.

Paramount said this coastline was ideal because its gradual slope of sand down to the waterline creates excellent reflective opportunities on film.

thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

It's about finding the framing style, the color palette, finding the texture and the amount of camera movement that helps celebrate and express the differences and the distinctions in those worlds.

If it succeeds, it will mark this film as different The combination of the primitive and the sophisticated, the ancient and the modern, I think that potentially is the exciting fusion, the exciting tension in the film". Paramount Pictures sent a letter informing the city that it has instead chosen an undisclosed Northern California location to film a beachfront scene for the film. The letter cited cost concerns with moving production too far away from its headquarters.

In Octobercasting calls revealed the film would be undergoing an undisclosed number of reshoots.

thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

Branagh sent a letter of apology explaining the reasons for the cut and desire to work with Barraza again in the future.

In response Barraza stated, "It saddens me because the movie is great and because I was acting alongside some tremendous actors that I admire very much, but I understand the nature of films, and it's not the first or last time that scenes will be cut".

In that same month, Douglas Tait revealed that he performed for motion capture of the Frost Giants. When the film was being edited, they wanted to make them even bigger and move faster. They auditioned people again and Kenneth Branagh chose me to perform the motion capture movements of the Frost Giants".

thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

Although the film was shot in 2D, Feige stated that the "special effects for the film were conceived and executed from the beginning in 3D". Branagh stated he sent paintings from classic studies by J. Turner to Digital Domain when creating Jotunheim.

thor movie 2011 ending a relationship

So to extract that and interpret it for the big screen was an interesting challenge creatively. Part of the difficulty with solving these is that we had to ensure they would work in stereo.

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Butterworth stated, "For Odin's Chamber, we developed a dome and curtain of light rays that hover over Odin's bed. This dome of light suggests harnessed power and energy that revitalizes him as he sleeps. We took a lot of reference from the natural world such as the corona of the sun and gave the sleep effect plenty of volume and space". Thor soundtrack and Music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe The film's score was written by composer Patrick Doylea frequent collaborator of Branagh.

Doyle described Thor as "the most commercially high profile film I have done since Frankenstein ", [] adding that the composing process had the challenge of trying to find a tone that fit the duality of Asgard and Earth.

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Thus Doyle and Branagh had frequent discussions on the musical direction, [] with the director suggesting a contemporary feel and having a balance between the music and "grand images [that] were not in any way hyperbolized", and the composer in turn implementing "a strong sense of melody, which he responds to in my work". As Doyle declared that his own Celtic background made him familiar with Norse mythology, an old Celtic folk song also provided the inspiration for Thor's leitmotif.

Marvel president Kevin Feige stated that "Walk" was a last minute addition, that the crew felt had "these eerie appropriate lyrics and themes" upon hearing it. Branagh in particular thought that "these lyrics about learning to walk again" were appropriate "of [a] movie about redemption, learning to be a hero.

Pepper7 Elevenand Visa. Tales of Asgardto coincide with the live-action film.