Tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

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tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

Date With Destiny. How are you showing up to your relationship? Read More. Date With Destiny. Ask better questions · Read More. Date With Destiny. How happy are you with your overall health, wellness, and the general state of your physical body? 1. Write how this score makes you feel (optional). [] The mental aspect of determining your blueprint ( robbins) [] [] Speaking to a place of “providing” for the relationship.

Much like dropping a stone into a pond — at that moment, it may just appear like an insignificant splash. But if you watch what happens, that small action has a ripple effect that extends outward. And if you consistently put effort into your relationship, the continuous concentric circles will build up to create the waves of a new life. So where is your relationship at? To help you make your relationship assessment, Tony Robbins laid out the Six Stages of a Relationship.

Which of the following stages best describes the current state of your relationship? Love and passion This is the ideal position, the one that every single one of us crave. In this stage, you and your partner are completely engaged in one another.

You desire each other. The intimacy is immense. For a printable version of this infographic click here! Not enough passion In this position, you and your partner are in a relationship where there is love, and perhaps some passion, but by no means is there enough.

Is your career aligned with your nature?

There is not a level of intimacy that you really desire deep in your soul. You feel connected but something major is missing.

tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

But you stay because it is convenient. You stay because you have kids, because you have mutual friends or because of financial restrictions. Planning your escape In this position, you are planning your exit from the relationship.

There may be some pleasure, at some points, but there is also pain. If you have even thought about ending the relationship, then you are in this position. In fact, few people are actively working on a plan to escape.

But if you are even contemplating life without your partner, then you are in this position and should start seriously thinking about a way to leave the relationship. You are not in a relationship but want to be in one You may not be in a committed, exclusive relationship, but you desire a close connection with someone.

tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

You are craving intimacy and a special bond with a partner. And you are open to finding your ideal partner and establishing a real relationship with him or her. Sexual attraction, spiritual ecstasy and intimate connection thrive in a relationship when there is a distinct polarity between the energies of both partners.

tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

In other words, the main law of attraction works like this: To not only keep the passion in your relationship alive, but to increase the intimacy and attraction between you and your partner, it is vital that both people in the relationship cultivate their own natural energy, be it male or female.

And this can be done by understanding three main components. What is sexual polarity? Sexual polarity is the term used for the physical chemistry, the magnetic pull, and the overwhelming physical response we feel when we meet someone with an energy that opposes our own.

Who are you at your core? Masculine and feminine energies are not based on gender.

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Any person, male or female, can embody either energy. Strip away the mask The fear that we are not enough and the fear that we will not be loved are intensely powerful.

And these insecurities can impact us in a way that will cause us to consistently use an energy that is not our core essence.

tony robbins breakthrough relationship quiz

For a woman with a feminine core, a mask is created by the following events: A little girl is born with a feminine essence. A little girl learns to create a masculine mask in childhood. This happens when either her mother teaches her never to become dependent on a man, or her father dominates and wants to make her stronger. A little girl learns to put a feminine mask over her masculine mask.

This happens when a girl sees men attracted to other females who are truly feminine. A woman learns to put on a strong masculine mask. This happens when a woman gets hurt.