Unhappy relationship letter for immigration

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unhappy relationship letter for immigration

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship. Hi, Having some family and friends provide letters to help prove our status in Ontario, Canada through the Family Class immigration category. They waited for the visa, and waited, and waited until Christmas came and went. They discussed marriage in the past, Harvey first bringing it up when Rød pointed to the apparent futility of a . Any day now he expects to receive a letter casting the final judgement. .. Is my unhappy childhood to blame?.

I visited Australia on my tourist visa with my one year old son. My son already has australia citizenship. During my six months stay in australia As my tourist visa expiration date approached, our plan was for me and my son to return to thailand and wait for my approval. My husband decided to have our son stay in australia and I go to thailand waiting for my visa.

He told me that the immigration said my would be granted in two month A few days after I arrived back in thailand I received a call from australia embassy stating that my husband has withdrawn sponsorship and I have 28 days cooling period. Now I don't know what to do. Will I lose my son? I am not holding any type of visa and my application for temporary partner visa is about to be cancelled!!!! Can I go ahead apply for tourist visa now or do I have to wait for application to be cancelled?

Right now I am so exhausted. I need to get my son back! Bodi81 25th May Need someone to help me out here with advise I recently 3 weeks ago withdrew my sponsorship of my Partner who is on a Visa sublass TR. I have notified in writing to the immigration department about this. The problem is that my Ex doesn't understand and is not supporting the withdrawal and continues to live with me and wasting all my money.

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She told me that she hasn't got any written information on the withdrawal to her and she is having a merry ride. I can't force her out or not give her money, because I know that is illegal or in some cases inhumane to treat her like that. Just need some advise on what to do and the next steps for me to peacefully end this.

Not sure if she has got any notification from the Immigration department. Husband is threatening her withdraw her application. She is been physically abused.

unhappy relationship letter for immigration

My questions are 1. Every state has free services that deal with family violence. Although he was in the process of receiving his permanent residency, i had an affair and got pregnant with someone elses baby and i really want to be with him not my husband. Despite all this, he still wanted to stay with me and even talked me into putting his surname on my babys birth certificate even when i said didnt want to.

I felt like i had no other choice because i was scared.

unhappy relationship letter for immigration

His visa was rejected in january on the grounds that they did not believe that we were in a legitimate relationship based on information they found on social media photos of babys biological father and i. Even though his visa got rejected, he has re-appealed but i dont want to go thru with this anymore. Divorce is a family law issue, so use the links I provided and find someone in your area who can help you with that.

After you have notified DIAC, an officer from that department will make inquiries with the applicant to determine whether the relationship has in fact broken down. You will then be asked to withdraw your sponsorship We have not been living under the same roof for over a year and their visa has already been rejected. Will the applicant be able to appeal the decision based on the circumstances even if i already withdrew my sponsership? The refusal letter would advise the applicant about any appeal options.

Her husband hid the fact that he was bi-polar before they married and each time he went off his medication she actually feared for him.

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He never hit her or caused physical harm, but she has gone through so much mental anguish from his terrible mood swings it was making her a nervous wreck. From what I read it seems she has not got anyway she can be helped to remain in Australia now yet she burnt all her bridges in Malaysia, sold everything, family really disowned her before she arrived here and now she has absolutely nothing to go back to. She has had help from another man who was working with her and they have fallen in love, but what we've read seems that she will not be able to be sponsored by another Australia for five years.

Are there possible exceptions to this 5 year rule as it seems most unfair in her case? The sponsorship limitation only applies to the sponsor, not the visa applicant. I suggest your friend seek professional advice as soon as possible to assess her options. I arrived to australia in dec under temperory Now she wanna divorce and i am worry that she could create any story just to put me in trouble or cancel my visa.

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And now i working and having a new life here. Or go on with life focusing on my job and creating a happy atmosphere. It is basically just a civil matter between you and your ex-partner. You cannot have your former partner's visa cancelled; you cannot have them removed from Australia.

However, DIBP does have the power to cancel someone's visa on character grounds or if the visa was obtained fraudulently. Need a little info. My wife is also on student spouse visa.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

I know she flown back to india and came back times in few months. SO question is if i apply for PR or Is her visa will be automatically cancleld? Thanks Heaps nvoorst 19th July She may still be on a student visa or she may have applied for another visa. In a reportI noted that USCIS usually granted the petition If that led to the K-1 visa without bothering to interview the citizen seeking it.

Evidence for a Marriage petition

That, according to a recent Reuters report recently has been changed by USCIS, and now a face-to-face interview must take place; in such interviews the citizen is one hopes warned that not all U. The K-1 decision numbers are now much different than they were in the past. There are two sets of them.

The first deals with the initial step in the process, the petition. Bear in mind that the 20 percent denial rate was laid on cases that had been percent cleared by USCIS.

The two agencies are moving in the same direction with, State backstopping DHS. I dove into these numbers because the Center for Immigration Studies received yet another of those grim letters we see all too frequently from a citizen who had been charged with abuse by the K-1 visa-bearing spouse, who, as usual, prevailed later as a "self-petitioning" applicant for an immediate-relative-of-a-citizen green card.

We have been in a de facto relationship for a total of 24 months and lived together for a total of 13 months. Our relationship in time of seperation has been maintained by daily telephone calls to each other and internet video calls, Evididence of this can be found in the document and evidence folder attached to her application. At all times we have both been commited to a shared life. Financial aspects We have opened a joint bank account together, and we both have access to this account at all times.

We have been shopping together for household goods together T. My wage allows me to live reasonably well in Australia with an excess of income over expenditure. Also attached is evidence of joint travel. We have been in a relationship for over 2 years now and we have knowledge of each other's personal circumstances background and family situation.

Our future plan's together We both wish to live as man and wife in Australia, returning to Thailand periodicly to visit with family. We also have plans to one day buy a house of our own in Australia.