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Natalie has cold feet about taking her relationship with Shaun to the next level; Sasha puts her life on hold when there are complications with her pregnancy;. WAG Wedding Bells. Season 3 Episode (). Nicole wants a dream wedding after deciding to crash Larry's bachelor party. Watch WAGS: You're in a Fake Relationship from Season 1 at dayline.info

You're In A Fake Relationship

Nicole is thrilled to see that he is making so much progress. After therapy, they discuss looking at more houses. Larry reveals that he is thinking about moving downtown, and looking at houses downtown.

Nicole is upset, they are supposed to be starting a family, and looking for a house to raise a baby in — not a bachelor pad downtown.

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Olivia and Natalie have a bi photo shoot for a magazine, they do all of their shoots together, and are building their own brand. Afterwards, one of the photographers takes Olivia aside and tells her that he loves her look and wants to have her work on another project with him. Sasha and Autumn go shopping a few days later, Sasha raves about how much fun she had at her show and she thinks that she is going to sell millions of records and go platinum.

Autumn jokes about how shocked everyone was to see Sasha come out her shyness. Nicole invites Barbie, Olivia, and Nat over to her house to get psychic readings from the well-known medium Tyler Henry.

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They have an emotional moment, and Tyler shares a message with her from Andrew — he wants Barbie to know that he is looking out for her, and he is happy that she moved on and got married. Later, Nicole fills Larry in on her plans.

Nicole is shocked, Larry tells her that it might actually be a good idea. But, she already has put it in to motion. So that should have been that but the other set of WAGs were kind of sitting in judgment. They gossiped amongst themselves and said they would never do what Nicole did. And they were also remembering what happened in Vegas.

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Nicole had given Ashley quite a lap dance so that plus the thing with Olivia made them look at her sideways. But finding out that Nicole and Larry have threesomes as well just made her lose stock in their eyes. Though they felt that way about Natalie too. So the WAGS definitely had some clear lines drawn down the middle separating them.

And poor Barbie was stuck in the middle. All the ladies went out to lunch together and at first it was fine.

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They were merely talking about what was going on in their lives when someone asked Natalie about Shaun. He seemed to want a commitment and even push for one.

And when she said that, it set Autumn off. So Barbie tried to say that everyone handles their relationship differently but Autumn shut her down. And then Autumn accused Natalie of having a fake relationship. She said that Natalie was always off doing her thing and Shaun was left to go off by himself.

So why bother calling what they had a relationship?