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Tokchae has been captured, and he is being escorted by Songsam to a new location. In Cranes by Hwang Sun-won, what was Songsam's relationship with . What is Tokchae's relationship with him and his father? What can you infer Songsam feels about a Tokchae's relationship with his father . English Test Unit 1. As Songsam returns to the town where he grew up and passes by a (/2) Why doesn't he tell the other soldiers about his relationship to the prisoner? VIEWING THE ART: (pg. ) Scenes to flush the crane? (/2) “ Cranes ” test on.

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Боже, поскорей бы все это закончилось, взмолилась она. - Si. Si! - вскрикивала она в интервалах между его рывками и впивалась ногтями ему в спину, стараясь ускорить его движения.