Whatcha wearing ending relationship

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whatcha wearing ending relationship

When you're taught to view a relationship as an indicator of your value, you Do not accommodate men who seek to dictate what you wear. Whatcha Wearin'? is a South Korean romantic comedy film, starring Ji Sung and Kim Ah-joong. It is about a woman who in an attempt to spice up her five- year relationship, She ends up having phone sex with him and later, they become comfortable with each other and start talking about their respective relationship. When her relationship with boyfriend turns sour, she meets Hyun-Seung, and falls in love with him, but finds out he is that The heroine of "Whatcha Wearin?.

When you're taught to view a relationship as an indicator of your value, you conform to gender norms out of fear, even if you don't agree.

whatcha wearing ending relationship

So sure, there's this expectation that comes from your partner, but when it's reinforced by people outside of your relationship, it's even harder to rebel. When I wear a thotfit in the club, it reflects that I disagree with the repression of female sexuality. I kept hearing, "No man wants to date someone who dresses like she doesn't respect herself," and I understood that women who wore what they wanted weren't seen as deserving of partnership or respect.

I'll Never Let A Man In My Life Tell Me What To Wear Again

I thought it was a small sacrifice to make if I played by society's rules to be loved and celebrated. But it's actually a large-ass sacrifice.

whatcha wearing ending relationship

First of all, half the outfits my boyfriends had a problem with were regular items: Even when I thought I was dressing modestly, it was impossible to follow some arbitrary rubric for respectability that existed only in their brains.

It was annoying to show up in an outfit and receive attitude for it, but infantilizing to text them constantly for approval.

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I can both respect myself and wear short shorts It's also important to note that clothing, particularly for women, is political. My wardrobe choices are symbolic of my beliefs.

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When I wear short shorts in the summer, I'm saying my desire for comfort in the heat supersedes what other people think of me. People will look at what I wear and call me dumb, insecure, slutty, worthless, but there is a power in dressing however I want in spite of their judgement.

But by prioritizing my partner in my self-expression, the operative word of which is "self," I was automatically disempowering myself.

The double standard for modesty is often housed in the misconception that women who express their sexuality are seeking attention. I assume the ladder of thinking goes something like this: Sign in to vote.

whatcha wearing ending relationship

The couple at the heart of this romance is the recently dumped Hyun- seung Ji Sung and the attached-but-disenchanted Yun-jung Kim Ah Joong. Their meet-cute happens over the telephone one evening, when Yun-jung misdials her boyfriend's number and unwittingly gets into an accidental phone sex session with Hyun-seung.

[Movie Review] Whatcha Wearin’?

Though, as convention dictates, Hyun-sueng and Yun-jung will start off antagonistic — especially after the latter is left red-faced when she finds out her mistake — it isn't long before they find themselves bonding through sharing in each other's romantic quandaries. Is it any wonder where they will end up?

whatcha wearing ending relationship

Well not really, but what matters is the journey to that inevitable destination of happily-ever- after, one which director Byun Seung-hoo who also co-wrote the script with Kim Min-soo makes both funny and touching. Between Hyun-seung and Yun-jung, there is definitely something in their respective circumstances you will identify with — whether the heartbroken Hyun- seung thinking back at how he could have treasured his ex-girlfriend more or the disillusioned Yun-jung who has been stuck in the same relationship for too long with a boyfriend that has grown too complacent.

And in the midst of their emotional doldrums, it is the sincerity and spark between the pair that is unmistakable, a union of kindred souls that proves disarmingly endearing. Most significantly, Seung-hoo isn't afraid to address the obvious physical attraction between his couple, manifested both in the way they openly share intimate information about each other over the phone at the start as well as their subsequent meet- ups.

Rather than shy away from the topic of sex, he tackles it head-on, which gives a refreshing and realistic modern-day spin on urban relationships today.

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But rom-coms are often only as good as the chemistry between the actors, and it is in this respect that the movie truly shines.

Both are appealing in their own right — Ji being a surprising combination of emotional and independent; while Kim exuding both sass and femininity in equal measure — and the scenes with them together simply sparkle with verve.

whatcha wearing ending relationship

There is never a doubt that the two are great for each other, and that assurance not only makes you root for them more but also keeps you waiting with bated breath throughout an extended finale specifically designed to tease.