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whitechapel kent chandler relationship

And how will his attempts to move on affect Kent. tie up the loose ends of Kent and Chandler's relationship; if we do you'll have to wait to see. Whatever it was about, Kent lying isn't on the list of things Chandler thought But I've also been thinking about Chandler in relation to angelic. TV Shows: Whitechapel fanfiction archive with over stories. Kent and Chandler broke up and Kent is on the brink of depression. . What if Chandler and Kent were in a relationship throughout the entire series and were simply keeping it.

A Visitor from the Past Detective Constable Emerson Kent loosened his tie as he entered into his flat and dropped it unceremoniously onto the coffee table along with his blazer and plopped onto the couch after a particularly long day's work. It had only been three months since the end of the Bogeyman murders, but the passing of time had not diminished the effect of that fateful day when Kent last saw Morgan Lamb alive.

He had been pissed off royally at the therapist, and with good reason, for what she had said to him behind closed doors at the precinct. Who the bloody hell did she think she was making uninformed opinions about him as well as his relationship with DI Chandler? She had accused Kent of sabotaging Chandler's happiness, when it was never his intention. Perhaps her observation hurt more, because there was a small element of truth in what she said.

He should have been glad that the boss seemed to come out of his shell and was pursuing a relationship with her, but he couldn't. It gnawed away at his soul, much to his dismay, and he knew why. The incident only served to remind Kent that Chandler did not see him as anything more than a subordinate.

That realization was all the more painful because there wasn't a single thing he could do to change the situation without confessing his feelings.

It wasn't the fact that Chandler took a fancy to Morgan…well, not entirely that. What hurt Kent the most was that after all this time working together side by side, he thought that Chandler trusted him. He used to take his word at face value and listen to his input and valued his opinions. All right, so his theory might have had no real merit and it was driven partially by jealousy, but Chandler would have never chewed him out like that in times past.

He would have at least considered the remote possibility that it could have been true that she could have working along with the murderer as an accomplice. It wasn't that farfetched a theory, was it?

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But the boss only had eyes and ears for that woman. And it had clouded his judgment to the point where he was thinking with his heart and not his head. What if Kent's theory had been correct? The case could have been compromised and blown up in their faces. It was bad enough that the upper echelon of the police force would never recognize their department for their hard work in almost capturing the Ripper copycat.

Wasn't it his job to call out his boss for the good of the investigation? How could he take her side over his? He had only known Morgan for a few days. Kent and Chandler had worked together for almost three years.

And yet Chandler had no difficulty accusing him of being the mole in the Kray case without any real proof, which was still a sore subject for Kent. Kent was not a compulsive, jealous person by nature. But whether it was a conscious or subconscious decision, he had attempted to drive a wedge between Chandler and Morgan.

And because of his jealousy, it had inadvertently caused her death. Detective Sergeant Miles had been the only one to notice his agitated state despite the chaos of the aftermath. Cindy Watney was the one who killed Morgan. I should have stayed behind. Don't take it so hard on yourself. It was a tragic accident. Listen, no one is going to blame you for what happened. I just know it," Kent replied quietly. The young detective closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the cushions as he tried to block out the events that kept re-playing in his mind.

He was loathe to admit it, but he was emotionally and mentally exhausted. Every day it was getting more difficult to hide his feelings for his superior. Now with the sudden and tragic death of Morgan, he feared DI Chandler was going to be worse off than ever before.

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At first Kent thought it was just admiration on his part and a bit of hero worship when the tall, unassuming, and peculiar detective inspector first assumed leadership of their division in the Whitechapel district.

Kent's devotion gradually turned into something he never expected. Those three words had led to Joe making the biggest mistake of his life.

whitechapel kent chandler relationship

He watched Kent drop heavily into the chair beside him and sway a little. He hoped he would speak to him, but instead he lowered his head onto the table, pillowed by his arms and seemed to have passed out. He was awoken a few little while later when Mansell demanded everyone should dance. He looked over at the younger man, wishing not only that he had the courage to ask him, but also the confidence that he would say yes. Kent sat up straight, looking around in confusion, his gaze meeting Joe's.

Joe lent forward a little.

whitechapel kent chandler relationship

You're in no state to get yourself home. Reluctantly Kent followed suit, slipping on his jacket and trailing after Joe, out to his car. He'd only had two drinks and was confident he was safe to drive. Kent climbed into the passenger seat and slouched against the window. With a warm affectionate sigh, Joe leant over and pulled the seat beat across him. Wishing he hadn't when he caught a whiff of the younger man's cologne.

A scent that at one time had hung in the air of his apartment. It had faded away now, and Joe regretted that. Pulling back, he started the car.

They were back outside a familiar red door in half an hour. Joe unfastened the seatbelt and nudged Kent. Kent sat up and shifted towards him, an all too familiar look in his dark brown eyes. Part of Joe wanted to agree, wanted to take Emerson back to his place and make-up all night, but he knew he couldn't. He knew what would happen when morning came and Kent remembered that they weren't together any more.

So he wrapped his fingers around Emerson's wrist, stopping its progress. The younger man moaned. I'm not that drunk. Joe's head fell back against the headrest and he moaned. This might be him wanting to get back together.

Joe's brain said over and over, as his fingers loosened on Kent's wrist, allowing the man to break free and continue up to cup him through his trousers.

Clicking furiously, he finds the right spot and hits space. The screen comes to life and shows a hooded figure stalking over the premises. Aren't they always hooded these days, he thinks and turns to look at the DI who's bent low, one hand on the desk and one on the backrest of Kent's chair. Chandler either ignores his subtle blush or he's blind, but he's straightened up and is already planning their next steps.

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He's absolutely beat, having rung every bloody doorbell in what feels like all of Whitechapel, inquiring about a blurry print-out of their suspect. Spent half an hour in the flat of a very lively old lady with a herd of pugs.

He sniffs warily at the hem of his shirt; it still smells vaguely like dog. At least he's not the last one in the building. He knows for a fact that Skip got himself into a heated discussion down in the "archive" with Buchan.

He's not quite sure what exactly it's about but he could hear them quarrelling, making his way up the staircase.

With a last look he checks if he missed something important, then grabs his jacket. There's really only one person that could be in the bureau this time of the evening. How could he have missed that one single desk lamp creepily lighting the boss's room? It was a long day. Kent doesn't bother to hide the shiver running through him upon hearing his voice.

With a few strides he stands in the door and gets an eyeful of exhausted DI Chandler.