Why we broke up daniel handler ending a relationship

Why We Broke Up Summary & Study Guide

why we broke up daniel handler ending a relationship

Jan 10, Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler - review the start of a reason why she should have ended their relationship before she did, each happy. Why We Broke Up (), a coming-of-age novel written by American author Daniel Handler and illustrated by Israeli illustrator and designer However, now that it has been awhile since the end of their relationship, Min is ready to get rid of . Dec 16, And now we have Daniel Handler (who also writes as Lemony Snicket) No spoiler here — the title says it all: Min Green, a high school junior, and and the sad souvenirs of one high school relationship, “Why We Broke Up”.

Why We Broke Up

Thinking back to the time when I honestly wanted this book to burst in spontaneous combustion and who gives a damn about the 20 dollars I spent of my hard earned money on this piece of crap?

Really, it makes sense.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

I hated this book right off the bat and I did so with reason because it wasn't what i expected. I wasn't really sure of what I expected, but it certainly was not this, all these dormant feelings just waiting around the corner to beat me in the head with a shovel, all these run-on sentences that ended up forming something eerily cohesive, all these words and words and more words and where's-this-damn-story-going?

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I hated how the main character's - Min's - train of thought were literal train wrecks, I hated how everything was so pretentious and seemingly unreal, I hated the pages and pages and pages of run-on sentences depicting the most trivial, tedious stuff that had me doubting I could even finish what I'd initially dubbed a piece of utterly arrogant crap.

In short, I wanted it gagged, tied up, driven to the woods in a shoddy pickup truck and shot dead. But you see, the freakiest thing is that I didn't. Hate it, I mean. It's not my favorite book - although it could be, and maybe tomorrow it might, once all the haze that finishing it has got me on is gone. I don't really know what adjectives to attach to this book, because compared to its savvy way with words, nothing that I come up with right now will ever do it justice.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

What I can say, is that it was a thing of beauty. And that's not an adjective so don't give me that look like I'm pretentiously contradicting myself, thank you very much! But I'm veering off the point here: This book didn't make me cry.

It has, it seems, made lots of people cry, but not me.

why we broke up daniel handler ending a relationship

It did shock me, though. It made me tremble, gasp, and stare at it agape, like some that one idiot who wasn't in on his or hers surprise party.

why we broke up daniel handler ending a relationship

I liked the way she wasn't perfect and didn't try to be someone she wasn't just because she was Ed Slaterton's girlfriend. I liked the way she was oblivious to the fact that others thought that she was different, and stayed herself.

I liked her funny, thoughtful comments and her indignation that she was right. And I loved hearing her hobbies following an elderly women who she was convinced was a movie star, being fascinated in old movies — which apparently are all fictional but felt so real. The only thing I didn't like about her was her neglect, of her original friends, who were well crafted and individual characters.

why we broke up daniel handler ending a relationship

I also like Ed even though he turned out to be not what we thought, throughout the majority of the book; he was mostly sweet and considerate. I would be really interested to hear the story through his point of view, whether he ever really loved Min or was just pretending, whether he regretted what he did or was just selfish. What a fantastic book! I am about to start reading it again — I can't praise it enough!

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler - review

I was very surprised that Daniel Handler turned out to be Lemony Snickert when he writes under a different name. The series for younger readers and this book were so different, though both brilliant, the voices so diverse and one in the third person the other in second.

I hope that he writes more books for young adult readers!