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A magazine's relationship advice column says. That it's . Rito Yuuki seems quite different from the information you provided about him. Wh-What're you talking. 86, ** In another example, Renton, who's looking for relationship advice . to both Asahina Mikuru and Nagato Yuki (but never confesses as much to either girl ). .. In the first chapter, Rito plays it straight and then subverts it when he does. Bulma exhibits other controlling behavior in their relationship and has a .. Fushigi Yuugi fans who would have rather seen Miaka Yuuki hook up with The fandom of To Love-Ru has long had a simmering hatred for Haruna, the girl that Rito was .. Gou Matsuoka and club counselor Miho Amakata) from the first episode.

She got advice from Mea, Momo, and the teacher into getting along and much closer to Rito. Those feelings have been confirmed when she confessed to Mikan about her love towards Rito after being caught buying some love-advising books Darkness Chapter 70 In Chapter 72, after saving Rito from Kuro, Yami has finally confessed her love. However, she said she doesn't want to be an obstacle between Rito and Lala's relationship. She is now less violent with Rito and tries hard to increase her cooking skills with Mikan's help.

Edit Mea is interested in Rito, especially when Nana called him a beast. Mea seems to find pleasure in being licked, and has a deep desire to have Rito lick her body, and to do perverted things with her, which she playfully teases him about, by asking him to do it despite being around other people.

When Rito spoke to her and questioned if some things she learned from her Master Nemesis could be wrong, Mea punished him by controlling him with her psycho-dive ability, forcing him to lick and molest her body, and at the same time sharing the sensations with him, which she believes he finds very uncomfortable.

However, she unintentionally shared with him her deeper feelings of being uneasy, lost and lonely, which she angrily continued to deny, still convincing herself that she is a weapon. Mea was at first opposed to Rito's desire to reunite Yami with Tearju so that they could be happy together again.

But recently, after speaking with Rito, she decided to help him persuade Yami to attend classes and see Tearju again, grudgingly accepting Rito's insistence that Tearju sees them as her little sisters and the importance of filling the gaps between them.

Rito cares for Mea, and wants her to embrace friendship and tries to convince her that she is not alone. It's unknown what Mea's true feelings towards Rito are, as she finds his persuasion to accept humanity annoying, yet she still continues to act cheerfully around him. Overtime, Mea grows rather fond of Rito, and even decides to invite herself into Momo's Harem Planwhich Momo is reluctant to accept.

She wishes to assist in the Harem Plan in the hopes of helping Nana and Yami become more honest with their feelings for Rito, but also because Mea is very perverted and still desires Rito to lick her body. Edit Nemesis is a sadistic and demanding girl who planned for Yami to return to being a cold hearted assassin again, starting with killing her target, Rito. Recently, that doesn't seem like the case anymore as she tries to become friends with Rito in her own erotic way to observe their lives more closely.

She says that he is a fool for trusting people, but despite this, she is very sexually interested in him and finds his nervous expressions towards her arousing and Because of Rito's ability to bring the transformation weapons, Yami and Mea, closer to humanity, rather than leaving him alone she wants him all to herself as her servant, making him do things like massaging her shoulders, commenting and exaggerating his technique on pleasuring women, and even sneaking up on him in the bath.

Wanting Rito all to herself as her servant, she essentially set herself up as an enemy to Momo's harem plan for Rito, telling her to give up on the plan. She also teases Rito from time to time, but some of her jokes are pretty extreme such as accidentally turning Rito into a baby and giving him to Kotegawa. Nana-chan, you can join with us too if you want. Rito-san is going to mature his behavior.

Yuuki Rito, you're the worst. Geez, why all of you think about me in that way? Suddenly a wind came from a window, Nana and Momo grabbed their skirts at time. But Yami and Mea's skirts flew up, revealing their panties in front of Rito. He blushed to see them. Upset Did you see? Transforming her hair into a big punch Rito: I didn't… He was hit and fell to the floor. Smiling Senpai, you perv! You're worse than the director. I'll have to keep an eye on these situations.

It's my duty as a member of the school counselor. Don't presume much about you. And talking about the director, where he is? I was being pursued by that man, but I put him in a wall to keep him away from everyone. Imagining the Director being hit and stuck in a wall I tried the less violence I could. I guess you went too far. By the way Momo, I need to ask you something. Removing up her shirt My body? Then, Rito and Momo were alone while talking.

Oh, you just need that? It's not a problem, but only that? I entrust you with that. By the way, Rito-san, if you are sad about Izayoi. You can count with us to help you. Thanks, everyone are sticking in my problems.

Smiling Then Embracing his arm What about if we restart. You overdid any danger than an earthling could ever do. Like facing those Gatorians. My father admired your actions. Yeah, but that time I had that moon power, but now I'm just a normal earthling. But you did it well. Well, I didn't forget what he told me when he invited us. He was sat at his throne. Also Sephie was there. What you did during those lizards invasion, was so brave, Yuuki Rito. Feeling uncomfortable Oh, thanks. Yeah, dad, Rito-san was able to stop that alien invasion.

It's hard to believe that was true. I'm agree, thanks to him, my kids can live in Earth. I'm glad I could protect Lala and the others. That was good for you. Because if something happened to my daughters, I would pulverize you in a second, or right now. In funny shock Yes. Hey, I don't like Rito, but I don't hate him for finish him! Don't dare to scare Rito in that way!

You did it great. For being an earthling. Now I understand why Lala is with you, no matter how much I told her I didn't accept you. But, you'd better becoming the greatest man in the universe, if you want to inherit my throne. Only in that time, I'll face you with all my power to see if you are worthy. What my husband is saying is do your best. A great man is created not by he is, is by his actions.

But if I can't handle Lala and Haruna's feelings equitably for me, then I won't be able to accept the other girls' feelings. I have to prove I can accept the truth feelings of a girl.

Rito-san, I wish you could accept everyone's feelings. Thinking "Including mine" Then Rito was walking alone. Maybe I should have asked Momo more than giving flowers on Izayoi's tomb… Suddenly a school girl with long blue hair was running and then she and Rito crashed, making them falling on the floor.

That hurt He noticed her panties when she was on the floor Ah! Feeling embarrassed and covering her skirt Ah! Embarrassed Did you see it?

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I didn't do purposely! I guess I know who you are. Are you Yuuki Rito? How do you know me? Well, when I entered to this school, I was told by Kotegawa Yui, she told me I must be careful about a shameless boy who is raping any girl on his way.

Feeling sad I see, you recognize me by the shameless things I do. As I expected from Kotegawa School girl: Well, that's not the only reason.

I heard stories about you. You dared to face a powerful alien to avoid the Earth destruction. I guess he's the king of the universe. You're talking about Gid? You must protect us when those lizard aliens attack our home! Hey, hey, I didn't do too much. I had support from my friends. Even so, what you did was amazing, a simple earthling couldn't do that. Realizing something Oh no!

It's late, I must hurry, sorry! She leaves running Rito: I didn't ask her name. Well it would be better than involving with me.

The school girl was walking but then smiling evilly. So he is Yuuki Rito. Rito keeps walking, but then his cell phone rang. I thought you were busy. In her stateroom It's my break time, I wanted to take the time to talk with you! My concert was postpone in a week. So tomorrow I'll go to school to meet you.

Well, we'll wait for you. Send our greetings to Kyouko-chan. Hanging up the cell phone Kyouko appeared to her. So did you call Rito-kun? Yes, I can't wait until tomorrow to see him and the others. After your school, we could go shopping. That's a good idea. Thinking while smiling a little I wish Rito-kun could come with us.

At school, Rito was little thoughtful. Run is still acting so energetic. Coming to him Yuuki-kun, were you talking with Run-san? So it was her.

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Yeah, she will come tomorrow. It's good to see her again. I think, we… Haruna: Little blushed I mean, the way to show you my feelings, what about… Having problems to talk in his state Haruna: But I'm not sure if I'm ready. Sorry, maybe it's not the right time to ask you. I want to try! I really want to try to show you my true feelings.

Okay, I promise I'll have the day to call you to receive your answer. Thinking "This could my only chance to improve my relationship with Sairenji! Yuuki-kun, I'll wait that day.

After school, Rito was ready to leave, but then Lala, Nana and Momo arrived to him. Rito, are you ready to go home? Yeah, but I have to do something. Giving him a bouquet of flowers It's what you asked me before.

I'll visit Izayoi's tomb. Don't wait for me, just go home. I wish we could help him with his pain. Either interpretation completely ignores his kind, intelligent, loyal canon personality.

He usually ends up run over by a semi. It gets so bad that fanfic writers change the continuity so that Ichigo's Mysterious Protectorthe Blue Knight, a. Ao no Kishi, turns out to be Ryou instead of Masaya, despite this completely destroying the continuity. Then again, that's how 4Kids did it, too.

Nevermind that Ryou doesn't seem to be aware of her crush and that she is way too shy to tell him anyway. Take out the clingy jealous part, and she's a lot like Tomoe Hotaru of Sailor Moon fame, but none of the latter's fans seem to realize this. This happens from time to time in Ojamajo Doremi. Pretty Cure fandom is usually rather light on this trope, as most shows in the series have no canon pairings to begin with.

However, when there are canon pairings, this trope can crop up.