Yvonne thomas a special relationship by douglas

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yvonne thomas a special relationship by douglas

Douglas Gilbert. Regional Vice Yvonne Wood. Client Advisor Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager. Duncan Wilk LaShauna Thomas. It's 8am, and I'm outside Yvonne Keating's stately pile in Abington. Earrings, Brown Thomas Yvonne wears: Dress, Umit Kutluk Couture. . “In a relationship, I don't find myself thinking about next year, or in 10 years time, .. Kirk Douglas has celebrated his nd birthday with a special video message. 39, Sandby-Thomas, Ms. Rachel R, Director General, Legal, People CYPFD Early Years Extended Schools and Special Needs Group, 84, . , Douglas Hall, Deputy Parliamentary Counsel, Cabinet Office .. , Andrea Young, Director, Climate Change, Exotic Disease and Agency Relationship.

By the end of his studies, however, Douglas had second thoughts: This secularism remained with Douglas all his life. Second Career - Medicine[ edit ] In the s, Douglas helped his father at the Beauport Asylum while studying towards a career in medicine. He worked as a librarian at the Literary and Historical Society of Quebecand later became the youngest president in the history of the Society.

Third Career - Mining[ edit ] This interest in mining and geology eventually supplanted his interest in medicine and Douglas embarked on a third career. In the s, his father's financial fiasco investing in the Harvey Hill copper mine, Quebec, Canada, brought to Douglas the opportunity to save the family fortune by finding a way to make the mine profitable it never was.

Together, they elaborated a patent for the "Hunt and Douglas" process of extracting copper from its ore. His evening lectures were among the most popular in the history of the College. Mining-related Inventions[ edit ] With Thomas Sterry Hunt, Douglas was involved with many experiments in the hydrometallurgy of coppers and devised what is known as the "Hunt-Douglas" process first patented for extracting copper from its ores.

yvonne thomas a special relationship by douglas

Oscar Stewart's quartz mill in Georgetown, Colorado to also recover silver. Rickettsone of the brightest metallurgists of his generation, to introduce the Hunt Douglas process in Arizona.

Then, in little over a decade, Douglas employed research chemists at each of the major Phelps Dodge operations in Arizona: He is praised as a proponent of the open exchange of ideas, scientific and technological innovations, especially during the secretive years of 19th century copper metallurgy. Inafter the Phoenixville works burned down, he made his last permanent move, to the New York City area to be closer to the financial hub.

During this period, he also performed mining consultant work, which took him to mining camps across the far West. Offered the choice of a flat fee or a ten percent interest in the property for his services, he chose the latter, a decision that subsequently made him a fortune.

He was made president of each of the operating companies by the Phelps Dodge partners.

Yvonne De Carlo

Importantly, he recruited talented young engineers, including his sons James and Walter, Dr. Rickettsand Charles E. Mills, to manage the expanding business.

When the Copper Queen company built a new smelter in the flats east of Bisbee, the founders of the adjacent Mexican border town named Douglas, Arizona for him.

Douglas became the first president.

Yvonne Thomas - Wikipedia

This was reorganized in as the Phelps Dodge Corporation, with each of the subsidiary companies becoming operating divisions. Douglas became CEO with son Walter as president, and helped transform the corporation into a Fortune company. He began reducing his business commitments and delved into philanthropy more until his death inat his home in Spuyten Durvil, New York.

His son, James S. Douglas's grandson Lewis Douglas was elected U. Congressman representing Arizona, served within President Roosevelt's administration, and later was appointed Ambassador to Great Britain.

Publications and Philanthropy[ edit ] Throughout this time, Dr. Douglas maintained an interest in Canadian history and heritage. He also financed many libraries, such as the library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebecwhere interest from his donations is still used to purchase books.

It had to be translated because he spoke in Hebrew. He is an orthodox Jew and lives up to his religion. He received me in his office and served me Turkish coffee, and I was told no woman had ever been invited to have coffee in his office before. He welcomed me to Israel in a gracious, kindly manner that I shall never forget.

He gave me what they call a special blessing, not only for myself, but for all artists who were to come later. It was the first of a two-picture deal with Fidelity Pictures; the second was to be The Scarlet Flame about Brazil's battle for independence, which was never made. She announced plans to form her own production company with her agent, Vancouver Productions.

yvonne thomas a special relationship by douglas

Inafter the success of The Captain's Paradise, she expressed a desire to do more comedy: I've had my share of sirens and am happy to get away from them, no matter what the part.

Just to look pretty on the screen as a romantic lead is probably all right, but — so what? I'd much rather do something in a good Western provided there's plenty of action. Action is what I like. She went to Italy for The Contessa's Secret and returned to Hollywood for the independently produced Passion She wrote a page treatment for a science-fiction film Operation Sram, which was not made.

Republic reunited her with Duff in Flame of the Islandsshot in the Bahamas. In his autobiography, DeMille explained he decided to cast De Carlo as Moses' wife after his casting director, Bert McKay, called his attention to one scene she played in Sombrero.

Even though the film "was a picture far removed in theme from The Ten Commandments," wrote DeMille, "I sensed in her a depth, an emotional power, a womanly strength which the part of Sephora needed and which she gave it. Her performance received praise from critics. Crowther, the New York Times critic, was impressed: DeMille became Bruce's godfather. De Carlo chose the latter because her co-star would be Clark Gableone of her favorite actors. Amantha is then taken to New Orleans where she is bought by plantation owner Hamish Bond Gablewho falls in love with her.

The film was both a critical and financial disappointment at the time of release.

yvonne thomas a special relationship by douglas

The film's director, Carlo Ludovico Bragaglialater remembered that "producer, Ottavio Poggi, had sent the provisional script to America, so Yvonne De Carlo could read it and decide on her participation in the film.

She read it and got very excited, agreeing to play the role of Magdalene. She also played Destry Rides Again in summer stock. With John Wayne in McLintock! De Carlo took any job going, appearing in night club acts across the country as well as a play in stock, Third Best Sport. She took over a role on Enter Laughing on Broadway for a week, and played in it when the production went on tour.

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She was also the producers' choice to play Lily Munster when Joan Marshallwho played the character originally called "Phoebe"was dropped from consideration for the role. When De Carlo was asked how a glamorous actress could succeed as a ghoulish matriarch of a haunted house, she replied simply, "I follow the directions I received on the first day of shooting: Despite the attempt, The Munsters was cancelled after 70 episodes.

Of the sitcom and its cast and crew, she said: It was a happy show behind the scenes, too; we all enjoy working with each other. And it was a steady job. The on- and off-screen chemistry of De Carlo and Patrick was a success story of s television.

After the show's cancelation, like everybody else in the casthe also distanced himself from her, to form his own rock band Eddie and The Munsters, years before he either kept in touch or have visited her, during De Carlo's final years, who also said in a interview with Rockcellar magazine: She'd be a mom because my mom wasn't around so she'd be a matriarch, not only on the show but when I'd see her outside of the makeup on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Once in a while she'd bring her kids down to the set. Maybe later in life. Because sometimes your memory starts slipping on you. But that's a great idea, actually! I'll have to remember that! No, after the show ended, everyone went their own ways. But in the early '80s, I contacted Al Lewis and we became friends and I started attaching myself to the Munster name and brand. And then 10 years after that I started talking to Yvonne. I was actually a guest on The Vicki Lawrence Show where I was this surprise guest brought out for Yvonne and after that we became friends.

I started going up and visiting her and she was somewhat of a recluse, living in North Los Angeles and I introduced her to this guy in Hollywood who would send her care packages, movies to watch and sort of get her back in the loop of Hollywood.

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She starred in Hostile Guns and Arizona Bushwhackersa pair of low-budget westerns produced by A. Lyles and released by Paramount Pictures. During this time, she also had a supporting role in the thriller The Power.